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Latest General Updates

TNG Software Updated!!!

Software Update Sign
Software Update!

Well it has been a while since I have been able to get to this project. My health is very bad and hospital visits are very common lately. I have had to stop the many hours online to focus on trying to get better. I’m hoping to make a slow comeback, and we are starting by getting the software updated. This is now done, so enjoy all the new features and new bells and whistles! I love the new updates and the inexpensiveness of it.
I have to be very careful now, since no sponsors ever came forward to help financially cover the high costs of running this website. I’m also over the limits on the bandwidth allowed, so need to upgrade again to a more costly level, but it all costs money. So some of you will experience what they call throttling down during your stay. It means that the server is too busy with the many other users at the same time, so everyone gets stalled until the server resets and allows data to flow. Sorry about this, but it is the cost of being very popular, and no money to help pay the server costs each month.
We will see how things go. I may just need to conclude this project for good, but will try another year of updates of data and see how it goes. I no longer am a member of Ancestry or the several newspaper databases, or the military ones. I have had to shut down all memberships for data, again cramping my abilities.


We are back again after another long delay. This delay was from running out of room, so the backup in November shut down the website so that no email or tasks could complete. Some pages were still visible, but quite a few were not. But we just did not have the time to deal with it all.

Good news, the host of our website was contacted and Matt provided us with a way to reduce the size of our huge document folder. This knocked the website size down to almost half, and should help you the user to be able to load the documents available almost twice as fast.

So, we went to work while waiting for the 6000 plus documents to upload, on the news blog, since I have hated the lastest systems we used. I found a good system that loads the fastest, and just has the basics, so it is easier to look at.

It will take a while to hunt down missing links and things on the website update, but I hope to slowly work this huge effort back into my daily routine.

I don’t think I can ever go back to the long 16 hour days it took to build this data, but I do hope I can work in the many updates that have been sent to us, and finally work in the data waiting from my old web site on my own immediate family (like me own dad!).

Catch ya all later and sorry for the disruption!

Data Update

Hi All!
This is a long time in coming data update. It includes all the updates I have done since June of last year. I’m a bit nervous about this update because it encompasses so many changes, and the documentation along the way has been lost, so I cannot say for sure what has been done.
But at least we can finally say the data is now available to the public!

Software Update

We just got the website software updated. There are more improvements for our users, and some new features like heat maps. Enjoy poking around!

We Are Back!!!

Last July, I was dying and knew it. I was out of it on my birthday and then taken by ambulance to the hospital, having become incoherent.  Because of my size, the fire department came as well, and they managed to get me to the gurney and out to the hospital. The house is small and this was not easy at all!

Once in  the emergency room, I was told they do not think they will be able to reverse the process of impending death. My kidneys had shut down, my liver was also shut down and the organs were shutting down. My potassium levels were extremely high among other markers. They did not know what to do. Apparently a conference of doctors did not hold out any hope for me, but one doctor decided to at least try to flush me out and see if he could get things to change.

Well, the short version is I somehow miraculously (doctor used term reluctantly again) came back to life and my organs began to respond again. I had a long way to go to recover, but even while in ICU, I started trying to learn to sit up again and even stand. It was really hard to do, but I kept in touch with the physical therapists, trying to get all the help I could. They responded and even managed to visit me a few times each shift.

I remained in the hospital for five more months, and things kept improving. The physical therapists and doctors finally decided they had to squash my overenthusiastic spirit to keep me from crashing physically. It was finally determined that I am not to try to walk, and must not exert too much effort so my organs are able to function. The more I work at lifting weights and various exercises, the less my kidneys work. So everything in balance.

Meanwhile, the house had to have some major changes made. It still is a long way from getting finished, but the walls have been torn open where needed and other improvements were made. A wheelchair ramp was added, and I have a monstrous electric wheelchair to handle my size. I also have a monster hospital bed that is such a blessing!

I just recovered from MRSA, the dreaded bacteria that figures out how to survive antibiotics. That was a miserable surprise!

It is taking quite a bit to figure out how I was doing things on this website and to uncover all the complex processes and programs needed to make things work. Then figuring out how to handle things with a very different setup.

There was a bunch of things that had been added to the family tree, but I have not found my records of when they were done. At any rate, I know the updates will be significant. So stay tuned!

TNG software updated

There were a lot of little fixes that were released and we have installed this next update to incorporate them.

Our attentions have been at another neglected website rebuild, so we have had to take a break from the heavy load of family tree work for now. We hope to return soon and continue a regular schedule. We appreciate your patience.

Samuel Burns Parker relatives needed

An attorney in Florida is in need of the names and contact information of any living relatives of Samuel Burns Parker and his wife, Cola Dickerson. If you have any information, please contact us so we can pass the attorney’s information on to you. This is very time sensitive.

Samuel Burns Parker died in 1952 in 1952 in Brewton, Alabama, according to information we have. He had a son from another wife, Annie Stevens Wilson, named Julian Parker. We have no further information on him.

Please contact us or leave a comment if you have any information.

Multiple Trees

We checked and now have a bunch of orphan data that has cropped up in the data changeover. We decided it was time to fix the problem, so here is what we did.

  • Fitzgerald changed from fitzgerald: many
  • Fulk de Breute removed (i23546)
  • Hardy de Helion removed (i16681)
  • John de Cantilupe removed (i16676)
  • Randulph de Soulis (i30637) reconnected and family information updated
  • Eudo de Rhie (i30802) removed
  • Samuel Aborne (i32891) removed
  • Friskin de Kerdale (i30711) removed
  • Thomas Case (i11325) removed
  • Henry Case (i11324) removed
  • Mary Jane Womble (i165375) reconnected
  • Tom Baird (i59974) removed
  • Robert Knevet (i16672) removed
  • Robert de Mowbray (i16102) removed
  • William Case (i11326) removed
  • William Grizzle (i162361) merged into Henry Grizzle (i162339)
  • John Watson (i32134) and Alice Prentice (i32135) removed
  • Reddick Garner (i162994) and Hannah Cook (i162995) removed

Legacy to Rootsmagic Woe

I was stumbling around digging up lost files and came across this list. It was made during the time I was converting the data from Legacy Family Tree to RootsMagic.

It probably goes without saying, but the process took weeks to do. It is not at all smooth, because the two programs operate on totally different foundations and output. Legacy is stuck in the clunky world of Microsoft Access and has built their whole isolated world in their little bubble.

RootsMagic is based on a common and quick and easy database system, but they also have grown up in a Mormon bubble. Their approach is very different and in places very ambiguous, in order to be Mormon approved and run. The truth is that real family tree work is and should be Mormon agnostic, or built on a base that handles family tree data, events and relationships well, and then secondarily has a plug in for Mormons to use. Family tree information predates the Mormon incursions into it, and will far outlast the Mormons (just don’t try to tell them that!).

At any rate, here is a sampling of issues that had to be worked out.

  • Rebuilt website image location program in mysqli
  • Rebuilt headshot image location program in mysqli
  • Fixed ls.jpg reference with replaced graphic in Barney McCoy Douthit fact
  • Fixed lw.jpg reference by deleting from William Bates and Jenssen Witt-Claes
  • Fixed Sanctuary Stings flyer links to Cheryl, Gideon, Deborah, Mark & Naomi Macomber
  • Fixed link to David Kostman appeal document
  • Fixed links to three recital documents in Nelda Griffith
  • Fixed link to Ephraim Leach will
  • Added marriage source for Stephen & Lizzie Macomber
  • Replaced lost document for Stephen & George Macomber in 1880 census
  • Replaced lost document for Rhoda Dore Macomber and family in 1880
  • Fixed link to Elizabeth Whitmore property document in 1897
  • Replaced lost document for Stephen Macomber family in 1850
  • Replaced lost document for Stephen Macomber family in 1860
  • Replaced lost document for Stephen Macomber family in 1870
  • Replaced lost document for Thomas Golden family in 1850
  • Replaced lost document for Thomas Golden family in 1860
  • Replaced lost document for Thomas Golden family in 1870
  • Replaced lost document for Thomas Golden family in 1880
  • Replaced lost documents for Thomas Dore family in 1850

Bitely updates

Hamilton Bitely sent a gravestone photo of Cyrus Bitely, and this inspired the following additions:

  1. Expanded the Bitely family back to 1720
  2. John Bitely residence in 1779
  3. Jacob Bitely family in 1850
  4. Jacob Bitely family in 1850
  5. Stephen Bitely family in 1850
  6. Jacob Bitely grave 1820
  7. Jacob Bitely memorial