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Latest General Updates

December 20 update

This week started with a handicap, because I sliced two fingers on the band saw. They were diagonally slashed near the tips of the fingers, keeping me from being able to type. As a result I had to go back to dictation software and training the dictation software for my voice. Two programs later and after hours of setups and training, I am back typing without two fingers!

Project Work

General Data fixes

  • Legacy Family Tree had a table with over a thousand locations in it. It was the tblRO. We removed these and did a successful Check/Repair of the data. This was not to last. Our checks today were failures, and the table had two Canadian cities added!
  • Updated Burial Linking mod to
  • Added Malware scanning to blog software
  • Added New Tagging api

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 30
  2. Emails cleared: 6
  3. Dec 2013 emails now cleared. All left is from last two months.

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 1
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 1
  4. Photos added: 0
  5. Locations added: 4
  6. Individuals added: 5
  7. Sources: 5
  8. New members: 1
  9. Find A Grave memorials added: 121
  10. Billion Graves records added: 4

December emails

  1. Alex Baumgartner added to tree
  2. Greenwood Cemetery, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama (cemetery 1991)
  3. Mary Elizabeth McGehee Douthit grave changed from New Hampshire to Alabama from Charles Pelham
  4. Mary Douthit memorial
  5. William McGehee memorial
  6. Mary Douthit grave record
  7. William Douthit grave record
  8. Willie Douthit Dunn grave record
  9. Maude Douthit grave record
  10. Sarah Emily Douthit Bartee memorial
  11. William H. Douthit memorial
  12. Mary D Striplan changed to Mary D. Stewart
  13. Mary D. Douthit memorial
  14. Willie Douthit Dunn memorial
  15. Maude Douthit memorial

Dec 12 update

Busy work on the family tree. We did get out to the shop once to break up the monotony, but hope to get about more next week. Tiring of emails we broke into a scrapbook project that got abandoned from Nelda Douthit, and had a great time getting funeral notices processed from about 10 pages in it.

Project Work

  1. Joseph Flynn Dunaway family
  2. December emails
  3. Nathan Mason family
  4. Erhardt Notebook                                                                     

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 19
  2. Emails cleared: 9

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 20
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 1
  4. Photos added: 3
  5. Locations added: 26
  6. Individuals added: 80
  7. Sources: 14
  8. New members: 2

Nathan Mason expanded

Leroy Henry Mason sent us the family members of Nathan Mason in the family group sheet. We are most grateful!

  1. Leroy Mason Pedigree to England using FamilySearch
  2. Cleanup of Family Search data mess
  3. Togus National Cemetery, Kennebec County, Maine (cemetery 1988)
  4. Ira Mason memorial
  5. Douglas Cemetery, Kennebec County, Maine (cemetery 1989)
  6. Nathan Mason grave
  7. Ira Mason family in 1870
  8. Nathan Mason family in 1900
  9. Nathan Mason family in 1910
  10. Aubrey James family in 1920
  11. Nathan Mason in 1930
  12. Nathan Mason marriage record to Isabel
  13. Aubrey James marriage to Isabel
  14. Monadnock View Cemetery, Cheshire County, New Hampshire (cemetery 1990)
  15. John Edward Mason memorial
  16. Delma Hall memorial
  17. John Edward Mason’s third family added from Leroy Mason.

Joseph Flynn Dunaway

James Lee Geiger sent us information about the death of Joseph Flynn Dunaway and his wife and her remarriage. This is an amazing story. We expanded things to beef up the involved families:

  1. Added information about the location of death of Flynn Dunaway
  2. Added his wife
  3. Added her second husband
  4. Lois Dunaway family in 1930
  5. Lois Dunaway family in 1935
  6. Lois Dunaway family in 1940
  7. Joseph Dunaway family in 1900
  8. Joseph Dunaway family in 1910
  9. Albert Pritchard family in 1910
  10. Albert Pritchard family in 1920
  11. Albert Pritchard memorial
  12. Betty Pritchard memorial
  13. Iola Mae Pritchard Dunaway memorial
  14. William Lois Dunaway memorial
  15. William Lois Dunaway Jr. Memorial
  16. Flynn Dunaway memorial from James Geiger
  17. Minnie Stone family in 1920
  18. Joseph Dunaway family in 1930
  19. Fred Dunaway birth index record
  20. Fred Dunaway marriage index record
  21. Fred Dunaway in S.S. index
  22. Beebe Cemetery, White County, Arkansas (cemetery 1984)
  23. Fred Dunaway memorial
  24. Otis Dunaway memorial
  25. Zion Cemetery, St. Louis County, Missouri (cemetery 1985)
  26. Joseph Dunaway memorial
  27. Kathleen Dunaway memorial
  28. Flynn and Jacqueline photo from James Geiger
  29. Flynn Dunaway in uniform photo from James Geiger
  30. Jacqueline Dunaway in jet photo from James Geiger
  31. Flynn Dunaway obituary from James Geiger
  32. Jacqueline Geiger SS index
  33. Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Benton County, Washington (cemetery 1986)
  34. Jacqueline Geiger memorial
  35. James Geiger memorial
  36. Flynn Dunaway in City Directory of 1951
  37. Jacqueline Satterlee in city directory of 1949
  38. Charles Satterlee family in 1930
  39. Charles Satterlee family in 1940
  40. Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Garland County, Arkansas (cemetery 1987)
  41. Ruth Satterlee memorial
  42. Charles Satterlee memorial
  43. Golden Satterlee in S.S. index
  44. Dall Satterlee in S.S. index
  45. Dal Satterlee in 1947
  46. Charles Satterlee family in 1929
  47. Charles Satterlee family in 1944
  48. Charles Satterlee family in 1956
  49. Charles Satterlee family in 1954
  50. Charles Satterlee family in 1958
  51. Charles Satterlee family in 1951

November 2014 emails

  • George Weslie Lackie added from George Lackie
    • Changed George Warren Lackie place of death and date
    • Changed Alma Polley’s birth date and death date
    • Expanded Harold C. Lackie’s name and place of birth and added spouse, corrected date of death, removed social security number
    • Expanded Warren Lackie’s name, removed social security number
    • Expanded Weslie Lackie’s name, date of death
    • George Warren Lackie memorial
    • Weslie Lackie memorial
    • George G. Lackey memorial
  • John Patrick Macomber birth and photos from his proud father
  • Glenn W. Bearden wife and children added from Nancy Kraemer
  • John J. Macomber to John Zenas Macomber from Mattie
  • Webster Macomber and John Macomber’s wives from Mattie
  • Gordon Leonard gravestone from Lynn Nielsen
    • Gordon Leonard memorial
    • Price City Cemetery, Carbon County, Utah (cemetery 1981)
    • Ethel Powell Leonard memorial
    • Ada Swink Leonard memorial
    • Elnora Katherine Walker Leonard date of death added
    • Her marriage date and place fixed
    • Darrel Leonard expanded
    • Vernal Leonard expanded
    • Darrel Leonard memorial
    • Vernal Leonard memorial
    • Nilla Leonard memorial
  • Edward Smith McCumber grave photo from Rick
    • I thought he was referring to E.S. Macomber (i131480) but this was not ture but initiated the following reaction! At least the data got upgraded a bit!
    • Expanded E. S. Macomber info
    • Expanded Ruth to Ruth Ferguson and added three of her children
    • Emily Day info expanded
    • Imported locations fixed
    • William P. Macomber parents added (to link to greater tree)
    • Israel Macomber added
    • Israel Macomber children added
    • Israel Macomber parents added
    • Parents merged with existing tree
    • Found actual person is Edward Smith McCumber (i191651) and Rick had sent his photo to be attached to the correct person.
    • Linked photo to his wife as well
  • Kindal Adam joined the Small family part of the website. We added his line and beefed up our data:
    • Sarah Parker name, dates and parents expanded and added
    • William Parker was not successfully joined to Parker family data
    • Family line laid out
    • Ward Cemetery, Grundy County, Illinois (cemetery 1982)
    • Cushman Small memorial
    • Hiram Small family in 1885
    • Cushman Small family in 1850
    • Cushman Small family in 1855
    • Cushman Small family in 1840
    • Cushman Small family in 1860
    • Alfred Small and Nellie Chapel marriage date and place
    • Lamberton Cemetery, Redwood County, Minnesota (cemetery 1983)
    • Hiram Small memorial
    • Sarah Small memorial
    • Bertram Small memorial
    • Progress halted due to time limits

Dec 5 progress report

It’s cold season and this week slipped by rather quickly. The month of December also came this week, and we are ashamed we have not gotten the remaining email backlog closed. We actually have only one Dec. 2013 email left and we will be current except for the remaining emails of last month. This is the season that website interest kicks to a higher level, before the spring slam. We are hopeful we will be able to keep up and even get back to clearing away some more old projects.

Project Work

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 14 (41 emails ahead of weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 16

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 21
  2. Gravestones added: 2
  3. Faces added: 0
  4. Photos added: 2
  5. Locations added: 12
  6. Individuals added: 95
  7. Sources: 36
  8. New members: 2

Gilbert Berry expansion

Bob Blot sent us a family group sheet on Gilbert Berry and family. This set forth the following chain of updates.

  1. Gilbert Berry information
  2. Gilbert Berry children
  3. Gilbert Berry siblings
  4. Walter Berry memorial
  5. Nicholas Berry memorial
  6. Lydia Berry family in 1915
  7. Lydia Berry family in 1910
  8. Gilbert Berry family in 1892
  9. Gilbert Berry family in 1880
  10. Gilbert Berry family in 1875
  11. Gilbert Berry family in 1870
  12. Gilbert Berry family in 1865
  13. Gilbert Berry family in 1860
  14. Gilbert Berry family in 1855
  15. Gilbert Berry family in 1850
  16. Gilbert Berry family in 1840
  17. Age and date adjustments to family and census reports assumptions


It was discovered that Woodlands Cemetery had 16 people in it, but it had not been set up properly with an address event and website cemetery. We added the FindA Grave memorials at the same time:

  1. Woodlands Cemetery, Washington County, New York (cemetery 1980)
  2. Gilbert Berry memorial
  3. Mary Berry Lovejoy memorial
  4. Emma Decker Lovejoy memorial
  5. Alcesta Hall Lovejoy memorial
  6. James Hall fixed
  7. Lydia Hall Lovejoy memorial
  8. Charles Lovejoy memorial
  9. Edward Lovejoy memorial
  10. Eliza Lovejoy memorial
  11. Frederick Lovejoy memorial
  12. Henry Hall Lovejoy memorial
  13. Hiram F. Lovejoy memorial
  14. Hiram H. Lovejoy memorial
  15. Joseph F. Lovejoy
  16. Warner Lovejoy memorial
  17. Susan Rice fixed
  18. Elizabeth Wilbor Hall memorial
  19. Lydia Barton memorial

Noah Benson questions

Judith Schlicker was not sure which of the Noah Benson’s married a Tammy in Berkshire. We set about to answer the question. She wonders if it was Noah I.

  • Marriage record from MA Marriages for date and location. The date was 1814 in Hinsdale, so both Noah Benson and Noah Benson Jr. were already dead.
  • Marriage record from MA Marriages for Noah Benson to Abigail Turner.
  • Vital record of marriage from MA town and Vital records for Noah Benson to Abigail Turner, handwritten record.
  • Answer: Abigail Turner was married to Noah III.

Next question. Mariah Murray is listed as being married to both Noah I and Noah Jr. Which is it?

  • Added Noah Benson III’s family
  • Tamma Chaplin Benson memorial
  • Hinsdale Cemetery, Berkshire County, Massachusetts (cemetery 1979)
  • Charles N. Benson memorial
  • George W. Benson memorial
  • Harriet Benson Thompson memorial
  • Dwight Festus Benson memorial
  • Noah Benson III memorial
  • Cynthia Benson memorial
  • Mary Benson Barrett memorial
  • Alice Cady Barrett memorial
  • Birthdates of four of her children
  • Lovina Benson memorial
  • Noah Benson family in 1850
  • Hannah Benson birth to Noah & Mary
  • Noah Benson death written record, 1868: Parents Noah and Mary
  • Noah Benson family in 1860
  • Noah Benson ag census of 1850
  • Dwight Benson ag census of 1850
  • Noah Benson family in 1840
  • Noah Benson family in 1830
  • Noah Benson family in 1820
  • Noah Benson memorial of 1810
  • Mary Benson memorial of 1820
  • Noah Benson Jr memorial
  • George Ball memorial
  • Noah Benson family in 1865
  • Noadiah Emmons memorial
  • George Ball in 1850
  • Maria Benson marriage record to Noahdiah Emmons
  • Charles N. Benson death record
  • George Benson death record
  • Noah Benson family in 1820
  • Noah Benson not found in 1810
  • Noah Benson family in 1800
  • Noah Benson family in Plainfield in 1790
  • Noah Benson family in Partridgefield in 1790
  • Answer: Noah Benson Jr married Marah Murray and Noah Benson I married Mary unknown.

November 28 progress report

The work continues to catch the emails up completely. We got the October emails finished and

Project Work

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 22 (43 emails ahead of weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 9

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 28
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 0
  4. Photos added: 0
  5. Locations added: 22
  6. Individuals added: 188
  7. Sources added: 57 (now stands at 19,000)
  8. New members: 1