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Latest General Updates

Sep 1 report

Goal is to get the July 2011 emails cleared!

  1. David Faulkenberry added
  2. Even Faulkenberry
  3. Fort Parker Cemetery, Limestone County, Texas (cemetery 1901)
  4. Elisha Anglin to Anglin tree links
  5. Orpha Bates
  6. Elisha Anglin photo from Nancy Bundrick
  7. Elisha Anglin gravestone from Nancy Bundrick
  8. Catherine Duty family
  9. July 2011 emails cleared!!!

Aug 31 report

We continue to try to clear the July 2010 emails!

  1. Nelda Griffith car
  2. Six photos from Glenda’s funeral from Cheryl Macomber
  3. William Hogan Green family added
  4. Jarrett Ragsdale added and grave
  5. Nancy Green husbands and grave
  6. Lexington Cemetery, Cleveland County, Oklahoma (cemetery 1900)
  7. William Hogan Green grave
  8. Rebecca Green grave
  9. Sarah Elizabeth Green and grave
  10. William Sandusky and grave
  11. Information on Violet Zehrt McCampbell from her step-son
  12. July 2010 emails cleared!

Aug 29 week summary

Project Work

  1. Aug 24 report
  2. Aug 25 report
  3. Aug 27-30 report

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: (42 emails behind on weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 15

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 7
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 1
  4. Photos added: 17
  5. Locations added: 23
  6. Individuals added: 64
  7. Sources: 7
  8. New members: 0

Aug 27-30 report

Our first goal is to clear the July 2010 emails.

  1. Mary Douthit wife of William Douthit first husband identified
  2. Mary Douthit grave found
  3. Mary Douthit parents found
  4. Old Simms Cemetery, St. Francois County, Missouri (cemetery 1898)
  5. William H. Douthit and Lucinda McFarland marriage record
  6. Trial of Nancy Douthit from Will McGuire
  7. Lawrence McGuire family in 1850
  8. Summary of Regiment events for Lewis Isaiah Douthit
  9. Mary Ann Lockerage maiden name and previous husband figured out
  10. Lock family added
  11. Fairdealing Cemetery, Ripley County, Missouri (cemetery 1899)
  12. Mary Ann Lucy grave
  13. Mary Mitchener Lucy grave and parents
  14. John Herbert Lucy grave
  15. Mary Ann Douthit family in 1870
  16. Mary Ann Douthit family in 1880
  17. Caroline Lucy wedding and groom from Will McGuire
  18. Mary Ann Lucy family in 1860

Aug 25 report

Our goal today is to clear the emails of July 2009 and July 2010! We failed and this report took two days to complete, but we did get the July 2009 emails cleared.

  1. William Albert Rice name expanded and pedigree added
  2. Eva Adelle Rice with Jan photo from Jan via John Macomber
  3. Samuel Hershenhouse photo from Jan H. via John Macomber
  4. Two photos of Albert Rice and Adelle his wife from Jan Hershenhouse via John Macomber
  5. William Rice family in 1930
  6. Two photos of Albert Rice and sons in Montana from Jan H via John
  7. Donald Glenn Rice military photo from Jan H. via John
  8. Two more photos of Montana farm from Jan H via John
  9. Family crest pin from Jan H via John
  10. Eva Macomber postcard to Albert Rice from Jan H. via John
  11. Three photos of Cecil Macomber cousins from Jan H. via John
  12. Helen and James Plowman, Dec 1946 from Jan H. via John
  13. Herbert & Polly Macomber in 1950s from John Macomber
  14. Ken Macomber in Fujia Hotel in Japan from John Macomber
  15. Dale, Mel, Larry Macomber in 1950 from John Macomber
  16. Dale, Mel, Larry, Doug Macomber in 1950 from John Macomber
  17. Doug & Larry and unknown boy from John Macomber
  18. Mick Douthit family added from Mick Douthit

Aug 24 report

This work will not be visible on the website until after Sept. 22, so we have a bit to go!

Separated out all the backlog of August emails. So far we have 78 emails in Augusts going back to 2009. Of course it is still August, so there are many emails still coming in, but we can start working the pile down a bit!

We are so thankful to get a second monitor for our computer! It is an old one that we were using on the Shop computer, so it has a lot of missing pixels from hot metal flying at it, and wood chips, and all, but it works, and makes data entry so much easier! On the beat up one we can show the information sources and on the nicer one, so the data entry, and word processing.

Our goal for today is to clear the 8 emails left in June 2014. Here goes!

A note on the Burow name and a missing link to an obituary

Husband of Mehitable Buell added

And all June emails are cleared!

Aug 23 update

Our Aug 15 progress report failed, our computer did an automatic reboot (I hate Microsoft Windows!) and there went my post for the week! I’m now trying another method that will run auto backups as I write, so hopefully I will not just simply lose a whole week of work! So this report will cover two weeks of work, and some of what was done the first week, of things I remember!

Project Work

  1. John Carroll Macomber
  2. Hendricks family

Quick changes

  1. Lavada Saunders dates added and husband’s name from
  2. Charles Dyer family from Lavona Hill
  3. Sanford Pratt family from Lavona Hill
  4. Stephen Hopkins expanded
  5. Kissee Mills Cemetery, Taney County, Missouri (cemetery 1886)
  6. James R. Wyatt added
  7. Several other cemeteries

General Data fixes

There was a whole series of mod fixes on the website software performed, in an effort to curb spam entry forms. Among the updates was the fixing and turning on of NUCaptcha, and the restarting of the document and photo document mod with some edits.

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 238 (33 emails behind on weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 27

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 25
  2. Gravestones added: 1
  3. Faces added: 0
  4. Photos added: 1
  5. Locations added: 40
  6. Individuals added: 259
  7. Sources: 23
  8. New members: 1

Aug 8 progress

I was laid up this week and could not do my therapies or shop puttering, so spent it on the family tree. It was good, we tackled the email project and made huge leaps forward. We have not been this close to being on target for the email goals since the beginning of April! Ho Ho Ho! We also got close to closing out the July 2014 emails, but alas, we did not make it. Maybe soon?

Project Work


Quick changes

  1. Sebastian family news from Linda in 2009
  2. Thomas Green family in 1930 census! after page by page search in Logan County. The handwriting was crazy of course!
  3. Thomas Green family in 1940 census
  4. Thomas Green notes from James Isaacs
  5. Thomas Douthit notes from James Isaacs
  6. Eulalia Green grave
  7. Abigail Martinez photo from Daniel Macomber
  8. Photo of Glenda Douthit and Rickie Clark in band
  9. Rachel Elrod and wild dogs story from Adam Elrod
  10. Aaltje Elrod dates added
  11. Riverside Cemetery, Payette County, Idaho (cemetery 1881)
  12. Payette Idaho visits by Nelda Griffiths
  13. Mable Mead grave
  14. Leroy Mead grave
  15. Leland Mead grave
  16. Stanton Hall date of death from Barry Hall
  17. Mercy Perkins date of death from Barry Hall
  18. Stanton Hall grave
  19. Mercy Perkins Hall grave
  20. Robert Taylor (i162262) locations changed from Cathy Clark
  21. James Robinson death and parents from Chris Robinson
  22. Birth added to James Robinson and wife’s info added
  23. Other immediate family updates
  24. James Robinson children’s dates from Chris Robinson’s Ancestry tree
  25. Betty Rockwell tag changed to alive!
  26. Baldwin Middlebury Cemetery, Knox County, Ohio (cemetery 1882)
  27. Benjamin Franklin Shaffer parents wife, and graves from Robert Shaffer. Family expanded, but now an orphaned since wife connection was incorrect.
  28. Hunters Mills Cemetery, Frelighsburg, Quebec (cemetery 1883)
  29. William LaMoure information from Nathan LaMoure
  30. Mary Ann Douthit Rogers obituary from Nancy Wilhite
  31. John Taylor Cummins updates
  32. Grace Cummins family updates
  33. Blanch Cummings family updates
  34. Lula Cummins family updates
  35. Tillie Cummins family
  36. John Douthit Cummins family updates
  37. Ina Sharp Fox removed (i52127) she is mother of John D. Cummins
  38. John D. Cummins jr, birth year changed
  39. Leon Rogers family updated
  40. Roger (i23297) and merged with (i20018) removed 6 in pedigree to eliminate duplicate parents
  41. Hamah Parker to Hannah from Betty Hazard, and her marriage added
  42. Adeliade Hanson Macomber death date and grave from Melissa Ives
  43. George Elwin Macomber death date and grave from Melissa Ives
  44. Hira Alton Macomber death and his wife’s death changed and grave added from Melissa Ives
  45. Clara Maud Macomber info from Melissa Ives
  46. Brooklawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Cumberland County, Maine (cemetery 1884)
  47. Clara M Macomber Emerson grave
  48. James Emerson grave
  49. Paul Emerson grave
  50.  Eliot Emerson grave
  51. Ralph Macomber grave
  52. Lillian HIlliard Macomber grave
  53. Pauline Rumery grave
  54. Arthur Rumery grave
  55. Charles D. Sedgley jr obituary
  56. Forest Grove Cemetery, York County, Maine (cemetery 1885)
  57. Charles Sedgley Sr in City Directory 1937
  58. Charles Sedgley family in 1940 census
  59. Charles H. Sedgley birth and death dates

General Data fixes

  1. Unused locations removed from website: 23
  2. Added Life Dates Mod to separate birth and death information into separate lines
  3. Submit PhotoDocument form updated and reinstalled
  4. Submit Photo/Document button reinstalled (Note had been removed due to excessive spam, so this is anot  her trial)
  5. Submit headstone updated and reinstalled
  6. Family Group Worksheet old version removed, new version installed and activated. Am glad to see this old friend back!
  7. Fixed topmenu and footer files so requested files are dynamic instead of static to fix page errors.
  8. Added Family Group Worksheet tab mod
  9. Added Mod for additional table backups

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 239 (14 emails behind on weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 76
  3. June 2009 emails cleared
  4. June 2010 emails cleared
  5. June 2011 emails cleared

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 4
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 0
  4. Photos added: 3
  5. Locations added: 31
  6. Individuals added: 58
  7. Sources: 12
  8. New members: 1

Aug 2 update

Website update week! Whew! Its a big one and I’m excited about it!

Well, the week got extended. I went down hard with a serious infection, and now am just beginning to sit up again. Still very weak, but am feeling better, just a long way from being “good.” So, in short, this has taken three weeks to deliver, so I am REALLY behind on goals and correspondence efforts.

Project Work

  1. McCumber Cemetery inmates
  2. John Macomber 1735-1826

Quick changes

  1. Sarah Taylor nickname of Sally added per Rachal Grizzle
  2. Marvel Grizzle removed per Rachal Grizzle
  3. Lydia Shaw Durfee photo from Karen Thomas
  4. George Whiting Ingalls (I119431) death from Marilyn Roth
  5. George Ingalls grave from Marilyn Roth
  6. Julia Bard Ingalls added
  7. Adam Soule Elrod dates added
  8. Sarah Owen Moore name corrected and dates added
  9. Elizabeth Stanton Elrod dates
  10. Richard Tolliver Elrod name fixed, parents added, siblings added
  11. Richard T. Elrod Jr added
  12. Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, Suffolk County, Massachusetts (cemetery 1876)
  13. Michael Powell death corrected and grave added from Peggy
  14. Gene Roland Douthit death location from Gene Alan Douthit
  15. Gene Douthit grave
  16. Blanch Douthit death location from Gene Douthit
  17. Ewell Douthit grave
  18. Blanche Douthit grave
  19. Ben Dwight Douthit grave
  20. Lawana Douthit and parents added
  21. Cole Douthit grave
  22. Davis Douthit grave and date correction
  23. Virginia Douthit grave and date correction
  24. Dickey Dane Douthit
  25. Don Douthit grave
  26. Mattie Elizabeth grave
  27. Sam Douthit grave
  28. Nadine Douthit
  29. Charles Stebbins
  30. Raymond Douthit enlistment index
  31. Raymond Douthit soc. sec. index
  32. Raymond Douthit in Veteran Burial index
  33. Estelle Douthit marriage to Cole Douthit
  34. Estelle Douthit marriage to Raymond Mathis

General Data fixes

  1. MacD uff to MacDuff: 8
  2. MacD owell to MacDowell: 1
  3. MacD onald to MacDonald: 6
  4. MacD ougall to MacDougall: 1
  5. MacC names removed space after: 12

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 311 (76 emails behind on weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 44
  3. May 2014 emails cleared

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 0
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 1
  4. Photos added: 0
  5. Locations added: 58
  6. Individuals added: 132
  7. Sources: 4
  8. New members: 3


Dear faithful Users,

As you know we are living on disability and well it has been a tough thing to do these past 14 years. The cost of everything has skyrocketed, and our government handout has not increased to stay in tune with the government caused inflation. There has also been decreasing revenue from ads on the website, but an upswing of the cost of the server service, meaning there is no income or cash flow from this project.

We have had to let several subscription services lapse, which means we can no longer monitor these for information, nor can we add information from them.  Among the cutbacks are:

Computer Monitor Loss

Loss of second computer monitor that enabled us to read data from one monitor and type information into the program that was open on the other monitor. This enabled us to handle emails, webpages, scans, documents proficiently. Having to go back to one monitor and constantly switch between all the open windows and programs a real burden, and now it takes at least twice as long to enter data, and twice as easy to lose track of the data found. With this loss, frankly, I’m not sure it is worth pressing forward, but we have been trying to do the best we can.

We were sorry to let this service go, although it was not producing well for us. They were really helpful when they first opened, but as the cost has gone up, the results have gotten fewer and fewer. We were planning to let it go anyway, and it was the easiest to let lapse. Their service is also available in part through NewsBank, when the county library decides to offer it (in other words, it is an on and off again service).

Newspaper Archives was becoming more and more valuable as time went on, making them the clear leader. However, their prices are now really high and there is no way we can figure out how to afford it. It was a huge surprise to see our subscription had already expired on this service, but when we went to see about renewing, there was no earthly way we could possibly afford it, and no discounts that would help. Apparently the fee is now $99 for every six months? The charges are confusing.

I had forgotten I had this subscription, but it is the least expensive at $40 a year. Quite a few of us are miffed that we have to pay even more to get to the Ancestry newspapers we thought we were paying to be made available.  They did have some newspapers that others did not, but we have been doing OK without them. But again, it just means we cannot check as many newspaper archives now, with the third service loss.

This was another company that they spun off and require a separate subscription to, but of course will like with your ancestry tree! We thought our huge payments to Ancestry would keep records like this available to us, but alas, I cannot afford the extra $80 a year to keep US military records searchable. It was great while I had it, but the cost is too high, and how am I supposed to raise all this money when no one cares to pay for genealogy research?

This service is going to the the hardest to lose, and may mean I have to shut the website down as well. They have made record access the best, and their images are usually much better than FamilySearch. While Family Search is free, their information is spotty, and tough to handle competitively.  Because my research is international in scope, the most expensive subscription rate is used of $200 would let me get Fold3 and back, but where does one find $200 when he cannot even buy the medications needed on the new Health Plan?


There have been other services that we have either not been able to afford to obtain, or that we cannot sustain. This is enough so folks can begin to see the problem we have with trying to pay for all this! Yes it keeps me busy and out of trouble, but is that really a good enough reason? I am first and foremost a Bible Scholar and researcher, and this is way off the mark!


At any rate, it has been an amazing 14 years of formally doing this. I have learned a lot along the way. We are trying to get all our email backlog caught up, and it may be a good time to shut things down. I realize that nobody considers how much it costs to run a website this big, nor do they realize the cost in just having the website name address, or all the costs that come from answering emails and researching day and night.

Unless we can find a way to make this website pay for itself, or find sponsors or a foundation to support this project, this is too much for me to carry alone. Thanks for taking the time to read all this!

Clinton Macomber