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Latest General Updates

HUGE Update

We have been struggling for months now with new desktop software, getting data converted, multiple computer crashes and rebuilds, and lots of lost data. It is still not over, but we have just gotten a huge upload done from the new software.

Because there was a desktop software program change, there will be a lot of changes in the website data presentations and tagging. Hopefully we have minimized this as much as possible ahead of time, but still, it will be there.

Second, this data is the presentation of months of work and changes: meaning there are hundreds of new people and thousands of new facts that have been added.

Due to the multiple computer crashes, we do not have a listing of all the new stuff that was added. These lists got destroyed in the computer problems.

There is another sad note. We have lost many emails that were sent from December to the present. We are slowly trying to mine out these emails and hopefully will eventually uncover them, but they may be lost forever. We truly regret this!

Software Updates

It is already time for a subversion update of The Next Generation Software. The update seems to have gone pretty smoothly with most of the work being done behind the scenes. After completing the main software update we had to redo our many modification scripts. The process was a bit awkward not having my website developer software fully installed and going, having lost the websites on my data hard drive in the recent computer troubles.

  • Cleaned up and reinstalled 22 mods that had no new changes
  • Mouse wheel zoom was updated
  • Submit Photo/Document was updated and attachments were increased to 10 items and rtf style added to file types
  • Footer Copyright notice updated and edited
  • Display social buttons mod updated

Where’s the Updates?

“Man is born to trouble as sparks fly upwards!” so say the prophets. Men are born to face trouble and get incinerated facing it. A worthless man avoids the trouble and quietly rots away in the darkness, never to be heard, never to do anything and never to be remembered. Such is the chattel of society. Quietly live, quietly rot, quietly disappear, leave no mark, leave no name.

I certainly have my trials for trying to do something, and it is always a challenge to keep trying. My computer recently lost its coolant and then when my helper was refilling it, it got water damage and fried. The process of trying to salvage the old warhorse was long and grim, and at last it was given up. Then the process of getting the most bang for the buck ensued and Gideon tried to get the best he could on a limited spending allocation. Some say loudly: “you get what you pay for!” and it was said quite a bit the last few weeks. We also said, we will somehow make do. We kept trying to push past all the gluts of challenges and am getting closer to having a working machine.

It may be a couple weeks before we can be back to business as usual, because we still have to get a large data drive recovered. It is dead, and we are looking into seeing if we can replace a part or two to get the data off of it. My backups appear to have not been working for some time, so we have really lost a lot during the last few weeks. Of the greatest losses is the email and email archives. We have yet to find a way to salvage them. I have over four months of emails that were waiting to be handled.

Pray with us! Somehow we will overcome or get burned up trying!

Software Update

The TNG website software underwent a lot of changes, so it was time to upgrade it to the next subversion level. We did that and the following mods were reinstalled.

  1. Life Dates on Separate Lines updated
  2. Add person Row reinstalled
  3. Ancestor Map updated
  4. Burial Website Media Import updated
  5. Cemetery Disclaimer (my mod) upgraded & updated and webpage updated
  6. Create Sitemap updated
  7. Social Buttons reinstalled
  8. Children event map updated
  9. Email sender’s IP to help stop spam comments added
  10. Family Indicators updated
  11. Family Preview updated
  12. Family Group Worksheet extension updated
  13. FGW tabs updated
  14. ID Prefix format updated
  15. Tooltip media updated
  16. Mouse Wheel Zoom updated
  17. New Account Request Form mod updated and heavily customized
  18. Removed password generator
  19. Personal Table Maintenance updated
  20. Person not found updated
  21. Places subject to deletion updated
  22. Redundant Persons tab updated
  23. Search from help reinstalled
  24. Submit headstone photo updated
  25. Submit photo mod reinstalled
  26. Submit photo/document updated
  27. Surname Cloud tooltip updated
  28. User footer copyright mod updated
  29. American Dates reinstalled
  30. Hebrew Dates on hold

WAMP server setup on my desktop computer. IIS server had to be shut down and the various services using it had to be stopped. Once I found all the SQL types and shut them off, things began to work! Surprise!

TNG installed on WAMP server. This worked out pretty well. Next was the data move and it was a real problem. Several data dumps from the website later, we managed to find a way for BigDump to do the job, and it did it!

Next we created a Gedcom from RootsMagic and it took a long time. We ran the import on TNG desktop and it worked well! Surprise. The combing of the results has yielded some problems to overcome:

  1. _Color tag is worthless in TNG, turned off of desktop verson
  2. Family Search tag of event needed to be labeled, done on desktop
  3. Place details is actually just an address holder, so cemeteries and addresses that were setup in RootsMagic must be corrected so TNG’s cemetery feature can work.
  4. County had to be deleted from RootsMagic places and so before merge should be deleted from TNG data, or there will be several hundred more unused Places.
  5. Cemeteries in TNG had to have “of America” dropped from United States even for old data to work
  6. Cemetery Disclaimer had removed the name from the page, code repaired, zipped uploaded, wiki fixed
  7. Memorial Footnotes fixed for FindAGrave of recent entries
  8. Place names address fields reworked to show address and not place name, while preserving old address details. Done with temp tables, perl, regex, and sqlite ide

Hundreds of small address fixes and additions where missing.

Change of Douthit Family Cemetery of Piedmont SC from address to place again

Many streets added to address field and those that were present had the following fixes made:

  1. Rd. to Road
  2. Rd to Road
  3. St. to Street
  4. St to Street
  5. Ave. to Avenue
  6. Ave to Avenue
  7. S. to South
  8. N. to North
  9. W. to West
  10. E. to East
  11. Blvd. to Boulevard
  12. Blvd to Boulevard
  13. Dr. to Drive
  14. Dr to Drive

Finally succeeded in getting the address field information corrected and merged! Wow, that alone took all week!

Known duplicate addresses were removed.

Test export of data to desktop TNG successful.


Website Data Update delay

We are having to revise our processes that we use to update the website data. We were forced to leave Legacy Family Tree desktop software, because we have outgrown it by 200% capacity. We were not aware there was only a theoretical limit of a billion records, and not a practical limit of less than 100,000. We are frankly impressed at our tenancity to reach twice the actual limits and still kinda kept things going. We just wish the technitians would have told us of the limits so we would not have wastes so much time trying to make their software work when we were so far past its limits.

With the change in desktop software comes a huge amount of change in data. We chose RootsMagic for several reasons, but it has become apparent they also have cemented their way into a corner also. Legacy idolizes the corrupt and evil Microsoft System and their expesive ways of doing things. They have forced themselves into a really tight corner trying to make things work in this very difficult to diagnose system, and should be commended for what they did do, but they cannot correct their huge deficiancies until they chuck out the door the program core and rebuild their system using one of several superior ways of handling data.

Rootsmagic has locked themselves out of doing the things they need to do and what Legacy did, because they have adopted some bad forms for data entry and storage. Now with their customer base they are stuck with some really bad forms, and cannot dig their way out with their current way of doing things. The areas they need to fix require revamping their data tables and changing their forms, but they cannot do this and not bring about a huge problem to their current users. Anything they do now has to be done in little steps and conversions of existing forms of data have to be made.

Legacy has a problem with rolling out great features but never finishing them into a polished end that flows well with their system. They like to add this and before working out bugs and making it truly useful, they jump to another good idea and totally abandon the last project half baked. Now it takes a ton of clicking to do the littlest things, and nothing ever really works well, so the program crashes constantly.

Rootsmagic can most certainly handle the huge loads of data and had done well in making the data accessible by sqlite. But they monkey wrenched things but creating some strange character compilation that they do not release, so users cannot do that much to the data on their own.

At any rate, we got bogged down setting things up in RootsMagic and then learning their way of doing things. It also took quite a bit of time getting the data changed to fit their way of doing things. There is another article on that process which is ongoing.

The problems currently have involved the update of the data on the Website. During the time of changing desktop software, there was a big upgrade of the website TNG software, and it required the mods to be redone and took a bit of work and several days. We have that completed but now have to get our RootsMagic gedcom to merge well with the current data.

In order to do that we needed to get a good desktop web server going. We have one, but it was not working well with TNG. We turned all the things off on it and installed a standard WAMP server and things went pretty well once we had the conflicting server services all cancelled.

But the first merging of the new type of Gedcom demonstrated a bunch of issues that need to be resolved and we are working through them in hopes we can do a website update in a week or two, and get back to our data updating.

At this point things look promising. The gedcom did work well with the Legacy data already online, and the bugs are being worked out so I believe it will work with less problems online once some more changes are made.

Please bear with us in the interim!

We had one person call us that they could not get emails to be accepted by our webserver host. My emails have fallen dramatically and I am thinking she may be right. My test emails get through, but I may post an alternate email for a while to see if things work better on it. Just another thing to pursue!

Have fun, Clinton.

Jan 20 website update

The new month of Sh’vat (שבט) begins on Jan 21, so we wrapped up the last few weeks of research for a big update of the website data.

This run has been marked and slowed by the loss of my left index finger. I almost cut the top of the finger off in December, so it has been bandaged. It should have been stitched, but I did not know how to get to the doctor without calling an ambulance. I am so big I cannot get into cars anymore. We had to let out van go to the junk yard, so it is gone and I don’t have any way to get there. During office hours getting to a doctor is the same dilemma. So, we did the best we could and tried different ideas. It took a couple of weeks, but we finally figured out the best way to bind up the finger to immobilize it and keep the separated sections together so it could start healing. The long and short of this means that I have been trying to type without this most important positioning finger on a completely split keyboard. In other words, don’t try this at home!

The finger also set me back a whole bunch on my daily routines and sleep routines. So we are rebuilding more than just a finger! But who cares? All people want is ready and free access to our work. Who cares about the laborer?

Project Work

Quick changes

  • Elkanah Gage (i64303) memorial number fixed
  • Capt. Robert Bradford (i67261) memorial number fixed
  • Sarah Gardiner Tripp (i126553) memorial fixed
  • Nathan Tripp (i126554) memorial fixed
  • Phoebe Tripp (i127024) memorial fixed

General Data fixes

There were thousands of locations that did not have gps codes or the notes. We deleted the whole table and did a direct import of the Legacy Data using Microsoft Access to provide the list and Excell to format it into the table format with the proper fields. Then we did an import, and finally, after many tries got it loaded. Now the locations should all be updated and complete with the full data.

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 47

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 49
  2. Gravestones added: 5
  3. Faces added: 0
  4. Photos added: 1
  5. Locations added: 63
  6. Individuals added: 195
  7. Sources: 17
  8. New members: 0
  9. Find A Grave memorials added: 99
  10. Billion Graves records added: 2

Doryland family

  1. John Henry Doryland memorial
  2. Highland Cemetery, Geary County, Kansas (cemetery 2008)
  3. Sarah Doryland memorial
  4. Sunset Cemetery, Riley County, Kansas (cemetery 2009)
  5. Arthur Bolyn Doryland memorial
  6. Abilene Cemetery, Dickinson county, Kansas (cemetery 2010)
  7. Mary Jane Mustard Garvie & memorial
  8. James Garvie & memorial
  9. Ethel Garvie Doryland memorial
  10. Name fix for Maud Doryland from Kelly Guy
  11. John Doryland family in 1900
  12. John Doryland in Farm Census for 1870
  13. Did a page by page search and found his family in 1870 census. Fixed transcription errors in Ancestry.
  14. Doryland family connection added to Ancestry
  15. John Doryland family in 1880 found by page hunting. Fixed Ancestry index transcription errors
  16. John Doryland family in 1885
  17. John Doryland family in 1895 by hunt hunting. Fixed Ancestry index errors
  18. John Doryland family in 1905
  19. No Doryland family found in 1875 census pages in Davis County, Kansas
  20. St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Neosho County, Kansas (cemetery 2011)
  21. Russell Kern memorial
  22. Russell Kern grave
  23. Adah Kern memorial
  24. Adah Kern grave
  25. John Doryland family in 1915
  26. John Doryland family in 1910
  27. J. Doryland death, Aug 1859
  28. Ada Doryland death, 1870 and fixed Ancestry error of place of birth
  29. Arthur Doryland family in 1920
  30. Much more to enter, but out of time.

December Emails

  1. Gardner Soule predecessor updated and some corrections made. In preparation for possible data to come.
  2. Poked around Leonard Tarne, updating relatives here and there.
  3. John Steese information added as well as wife and parents
  4. Stees Burial Ground, Union County, Pennsylvania (cemetery 1997). Cemetery 535 removed and merged into this new one.
  5. John Jacob Stees memorial
  6. Hassingers Old Cemetery, Snyder County, Pennsylvania (cemetery 1998)
  7. Margaret Sties memorial
  8. John Stees memorial
  9. Barbara Steese memorial
  10. David Stees memorial
  11. Susannah Kline Stees memorial
  12. Elizabeth Stee memorial
  13. Rachel Steese Shively memorial
  14. George Shively memorial
  15. Eva Sypher Steese memorial
  16. John Stees memorial
  17. Margeret Stees memorial
  18. David Stees family added
  19. Abraham Steese family added
  20. Mudbrook Cemetery, Stark County, Ohio (cemetery 1999)
  21. St. John’s Cemetery, Stark County, Ohio (cemetery 2000)
  22. Lakewood Cemetery, Summit County, Ohio (cemetery 2001)
  23. Abraham Steese memorial
  24. Lydia Steese memorial
  25. Elvina Arntz memorial
  26. Israel E. Steese memorial
  27. Edinburg Cemetery, Portage County, Ohio (cemetery 2002)
  28. Amanda Steese Phile memorial
  29. Albert C. Phile memorial
  30. Levi Steese memorial
  31. Frances Steese Phile memorial
  32. Charles O. Phile memorial
  33. Further expansion of Abraham Steese family
  34. Monument Cemetery, Burlington County, New Jersey (cemetery 2003)
  35. Herman A Stees memorial
  36. Minnie Stees memorial

December 20 update

This week started with a handicap, because I sliced two fingers on the band saw. They were diagonally slashed near the tips of the fingers, keeping me from being able to type. As a result I had to go back to dictation software and training the dictation software for my voice. Two programs later and after hours of setups and training, I am back typing without two fingers!

Project Work

General Data fixes

  • Legacy Family Tree had a table with over a thousand locations in it. It was the tblRO. We removed these and did a successful Check/Repair of the data. This was not to last. Our checks today were failures, and the table had two Canadian cities added!
  • Updated Burial Linking mod to
  • Added Malware scanning to blog software
  • Added New Tagging api

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 30
  2. Emails cleared: 6
  3. Dec 2013 emails now cleared. All left is from last two months.

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 1
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 1
  4. Photos added: 0
  5. Locations added: 4
  6. Individuals added: 5
  7. Sources: 5
  8. New members: 1
  9. Find A Grave memorials added: 121
  10. Billion Graves records added: 4

December emails

  1. Alex Baumgartner added to tree
  2. Greenwood Cemetery, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama (cemetery 1991)
  3. Mary Elizabeth McGehee Douthit grave changed from New Hampshire to Alabama from Charles Pelham
  4. Mary Douthit memorial
  5. William McGehee memorial
  6. Mary Douthit grave record
  7. William Douthit grave record
  8. Willie Douthit Dunn grave record
  9. Maude Douthit grave record
  10. Sarah Emily Douthit Bartee memorial
  11. William H. Douthit memorial
  12. Mary D Striplan changed to Mary D. Stewart
  13. Mary D. Douthit memorial
  14. Willie Douthit Dunn memorial
  15. Maude Douthit memorial