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Latest General Updates

August 2013 emails

  • Miron Soule grave
  • Rarick Cemetery, Geauga County, Ohio (cemetery 1916)
  • Annah Carrington Ives grave
  • Annah’s parents and linked to two other sisters
  • Loudonville Cemetery, Ashland County, Ohio, (cemetery 1917)
  • Joseph Haven Smith grave
  • Charles Luke Henry and Ellen Douthit years of death from William Henry. We hope to get more information on this section in the near future from him!
  • Griffiths family news from Nelda
  • Mary Tibbits to Hopkins family tree from Barbara McGillivary
  • Updates to William Warren from Jo Ctrandall’s inquiry
  • Mary Murphey place of birth corrected and mother added from Betty G. McCollum
  • Leonard Griffiths gift of necklace photo to Nelda Griffiths
  • Sophia Gray mother fixed from Joann Sebasta
  • Sophia Gray mother, husband, and grandparents information added
  • John Wesley Davenport date and name fix from Shelley Stevens
  • Many more little changes I forgot to itemize!


August 2012 emails

Our goal now is to get through the several 2012 emails sent in August.

  1. Wayne Eugene Douthit email finished from Michael Wayne Douthit
  2. Potter family Chart from Jill MacDonald
  3. Several changes and updates to Robert Potter and Elizabeth Marshall family
  4. Old Western Burial Ground, Essex County, Massachusetts (cemetery 1911)
  5. Thomas Newell family added
  6. Nicholas Potter family added
  7. Robert Potter family
  8. Robert Potter and Martha Halle family
  9. Joseph Potter and Tibuda Hayden family
  10. Goat Island Baptist Cemetery, Nova Scotia, Canada (cemetery 1912)
  11. Rev. Israel Potter family
  12. Woodland Cemetery, Montgomery County, Ohio (cemetery 1913)
  13. Three days later and after updating dozens of individuals and adding about 300 more people we are finished adding the Potter family tree from Jill MacDonald!
  14. George Clinton Terwilliger dates from Ed Scofield
  15. Laura May Wise dates from Ed Scofield
  16. Washington Lilliston name fixed and dates from Ed Scofield
  17. Granville and Anna Eliza Terwilliger dates from Ed Scofield
  18. Alexander Clinton Burnet dates and wife’s, from Ed Scofield
  19. Charles Burnet dates and wives from Ed
  20. Robert Reid Burnet family filled in from Ed
  21. Tied the Terwilliger family to the greater Terwilliger tree and extended it a bit more from Ed’s work
  22. Nile Cemetery, Allegany County, New York (cemetery 1914)
  23. Ezekiel and Hanna Lanphear from information suggested by Demaris Swisher
  24. Saint Marys Episcopal Churchyard, Burlington County, New Jersey (cemetery 1915)
  25. Twelve generations of Schuylers from Charles Lewis
  26. Risley family tree from Charles Lewis
  27. Peggy Strong health note from Linda Sebastian
  28. Anna Rooney orphanage note from Linda Sebastian
  29. August 2012 emails finally all cleared! Wow!

Aug 2010 emails

There is quite a pile of emails still sitting from August 2010. We hope to get them cleared today!

  1. Perryman news
  2. The rest were already done, just waiting for double checking, etc. That was too easy!

Aug 2009 emails

Struggling to catch up on our ambitious goals we tackle the next project, the final resolution of the emails sent in August of 2009. Fortunately, after years of picking at them, there are just a few left, we hope this will not be too tough! Whatever time is left will be spent knocking down the pile of August 2010 emails.

  1. Vigilantee justice and Charles Macomber from John Macomber
  2. Notes from Gloria Perryman about her birth and birthday from Peggy Douthit
  3. Cambell Douthit (i2648) Mildred wives merged
  4. Elizabeth Fox dates added from Janet Alvis
  5. Martha Douthit Hilton line to Alvis from Janet Alvis
  6. Campbell Douthit grave
  7. Gilead Cemetery, Jefferson County, Illinois (cemetery 1907)
  8. Elizabeth Fox Douthit grave
  9. Thomas C. Douthit grave
  10. Bohnemeier Zion Cemetery, St. Clair County, Illinois (cemetery 1908)
  11. Lucinda Douthitt grave
  12. Lois Douthitt grave
  13. Masonic and Odd Fellows Cemetery, Franklin County, Illinois (cemetery 1909)
  14. Mary Matilda Douthit Milburn grave and information changed
  15. Thomas Newton Milburn added
  16. Martha Eveline Douthit Hilton grave
  17. Zion Grove Cemetery, Marion County, Illinois (cemetery 1910)
  18. Newton Henderson Hilton added
  19. John Douthit III family in 1850
  20. Campbell Douthit family in 1850
  21. John W. Douthit newspaper death notice
  22. Campbell Douthit family in 1860
  23. Campbell Douthit family in 1870
  24. Campbell Douthit family in 1880
  25. Campbell Douthit and Elizabeth Fox marriage record
  26. Campbell Douthit and Margaret Stegalle marriage record

Sep 29 progress report

This week was just a lot of sitting and getting used to being out of bed in a recliner again. So, we had lots of time to chisel away at the email goals, but as quickly as I could get an email handled and archived, another new email replaced it, and I would up statistically as accomplishing nothing! I just moved behind another week on my goals! But I do have to agree that what we did get done was a nothing but phenomenal!

NOTE–This is just a report on the work we are doing behind the scenes. It will not become public until the end of the month if all goes well.

Project Work

  1. Aug 2009 emails
  2. Aug 2010 emails
  3. Risley family
  4. Aug 2012 emails

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 223 (68 emails behind on weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 25 but 25 new emails came in also, cancelling any progress.

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 5
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 3
  4. Photos added: 0
  5. Locations added: 74
  6. Individuals added: 606
  7. Sources: 6
  8. New members: 0

July 2013 emails

Our Goal is to clear the rest of the July 2013 and 2014 emails and so close all the July email backlog down. It looks to be a fairly easy job. Several were requests for information or comments. Here is the information added to the database.

  1. Note on Linda Johnson’s death from Linda Sebastian
  2. Walter Lee Savell Senior portrait from Dale Savelle
  3. Military service of Gene Rolan Douthit, his wife and son’s name from Al Douthit
  4. Blanch Electra Douthit dates from Al Douthit
  5. Notes of Ramon Leo Douthit from Al Douthit
  6. Notes on Bonnie Douthit from Al Douthit
  7. Employment of Ewell Douthit from Al Douthit
  8. Marriage of Bonnie Douthit from Al Douthit
  9. Virginia Davis death index record
  10. Quintinia Burmmett (i5374) and Quintinnia Burmmitt (i166042) merged
  11. Manerva (i5385) and Minerva (i171041) Douthit merged
  12. Adeline Douthit dates changed and expanded
  13. Elizabeth Davis dates
  14. Abraham Thomas Elrod and wife added
  15. Kingtown Cemetery, Fannin County, Georgia (cemetery 1906)
  16. Linked Abraham Elrod to Elrods branch
  17. Thomas Franklin Elrod family added
  18. Lorenzo Douthit family in 1850
  19. Lorenzo Douthit family in 1860
  20. Lorenzo Douthit family in 1870
  21. Lorenzo Douthit general notes made into events
  22. Lorenzo Douthit family in 1880
  23. Davis Douthit family in 1880
  24. Davis Douthit family in 1900
  25. Davis Douthit family in 1910
  26. Davis Douthit family in 1920
  27. John Thomas Douthit family in 1910
  28. Ramon Leo Douthit photo from Al Douthit
  29. Blanch Electra Crowder photo from Al Douthit
  30. Bonnie E. Douthit photo from Al Douthit
  31. Gene and Pearl Douthit photo from Al Douthit



Sep 17 report

Goal is to clear the July 2012 emails

  1. Jimmy Gambrell email about James Bruton Gambrell war involvement
  2. George William Woodhouse information from Jeannette Rook
  3. Rose Mary Yenney from Jeannette Rook
  4. Oakland Cemetery, Indiana County, Pennsylvania (cemetery 1902)
  5. Joseph William Woodhouse from Jeannette Rook
  6. Harriet Jane Woodhouse from Jeannette Rook
  7. Grand View Cemetery, Skagit County, Washington (cemetery 1903)
  8. John Vipond Woodhouse from Jeanette Rook
  9. Newspaper entry for the conviction of Frederick Leach
  10. Newspaper notice for the hanging of Frederick Leach
  11. Ezekiel Gambrell cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina (cemetery 1904)
  12. James H. Gambrell
  13. Ezekiel Gambrell grave
  14. Evaline Gambrell grave
  15. Louisa Gambrell Roark grave
  16. George Rankin
  17. William Roark info
  18. Gloria Perryman funeral note
  19. Henry C. Burdick date of death and place of burial from Laurie Lewis
  20. Lincklaen Center Cemetery, Chenago County, New York (cemetery 1905)
  21. Kenyon Burdick date of death
  22. Nancy Hiscox date of death
  23. Charles Givens family added to incorporate the Bishop family connection to Union Hill Cemetery as found by LaVaughn Zimmer
  24. Georgia Bishop Hutchinson in Union Hill Cemetery
  25. Frances Hutchinson in Union Hill Cemetery
  26. Jewell Hutchinson
  27. Francis Hutchinson family added
  28. Joseph Hutchison grave and family
  29. William Monroe Green parent and grandparents
  30. Wanda Ingram memories of William Jordan Anglin.

Software Updates

We have updated the website software for the family tree to the latest version, 10.3. This includes a several mods that were updated as well, and all mods were reset. Among the updates of the modifications were:

  1. Headstone photo mod
  2. Family Indicators mod
  3. Photo/Document form mod
  4. Life Dates mod

The family group worksheet entry system was also updated. It has not been used by our users since the reinstall, so it may have had problems. Hopefully these have been fixed and our users will find it helpful.

The software allows us to concentrate on data input and not programming, so we are thankful for all the efforts that have gone into fixing this version and the upgrades to the mods!

If we can conquer our email problem, we hope to revisit our directory system and upgrade it next. But only God knows if we can keep up!


Sep 1 report

Goal is to get the July 2011 emails cleared!

  1. David Faulkenberry added
  2. Even Faulkenberry
  3. Fort Parker Cemetery, Limestone County, Texas (cemetery 1901)
  4. Elisha Anglin to Anglin tree links
  5. Orpha Bates
  6. Elisha Anglin photo from Nancy Bundrick
  7. Elisha Anglin gravestone from Nancy Bundrick
  8. Catherine Duty family
  9. July 2011 emails cleared!!!

Aug 31 report

We continue to try to clear the July 2010 emails!

  1. Nelda Griffith car
  2. Six photos from Glenda’s funeral from Cheryl Macomber
  3. William Hogan Green family added
  4. Jarrett Ragsdale added and grave
  5. Nancy Green husbands and grave
  6. Lexington Cemetery, Cleveland County, Oklahoma (cemetery 1900)
  7. William Hogan Green grave
  8. Rebecca Green grave
  9. Sarah Elizabeth Green and grave
  10. William Sandusky and grave
  11. Information on Violet Zehrt McCampbell from her step-son
  12. July 2010 emails cleared!