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Latest General Updates

November 14 progress report

Last week we allowed ourselves to get bogged down in a Douthitt project, instead of pushing so hard to the goal. The truth is, it needed to be done right in order to be done at all, so no matter what I probably would have bogged down hard. This week we hope to really make a major dent in the last months of emails and get things ready for the following week website update. I cannot wait to have a huge update for this month, and so far, things look good on that front!

Project Work

Quick changes

For years we did not allow comments because spam was such (and is such) a major problem. We recently opened things up and are proud to announce we approved three valid comments! Once a person gets a comment approved, the process of commenting is much easier for them in the future. The comments were very important, and we look forward to more being able to use this vital tool. Thanks for those using it, and keep it up! We welcome you!

  1. Francis Darby death
  2. Mother Marietta move
  3. Francis Darby wedding date to Louise
  4. Louise’s previous marriage to a Clark unsubstantiated.
  5. Louise Darby memorial
  6. Clara Darby birth registry in Canada
  7. George Darby dates added
  8. Agnes Curtz dates added

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 32 (53 emails ahead of weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 24

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 12
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 2
  4. Photos added: 3
  5. Locations added: 46
  6. Individuals added: 158
  7. Sources: 19
  8. New members: 1

October 2014 emails

  1. Paul Burton Macomber photo from John Macomber
  2. Theodore Macomber in Michigan death index
  3. Theodore Macomber in Soc. Sec. index
  4. Frank Macomber family in 1910
  5. Frank Macomber family in 1920
  6. Frank Macomber family in 1930
  7. Theo Macomber family in 1940
  8. Frank Macomber memorial
  9. Lena May Macomber memorial
  10. Elmwood Cemetery, Kent County, Michigan (cemetery 1949)
  11. Laura Aileen Hoskins memorial
  12. Orleans Township Cemetery, Ionia County, Michigan (cemetery 1950)
  13. Ted Hoskins memorial
  14. Richard Thomas Macomber memorial
  15. Richard T. Macomber Jr memorial
  16. West Cemetery, Wadena County, Minnesota (cemetery 1951)
  17. Leslie Lewis Macomber memorial
  18. Newaygo Cemetery, Newaygo County, Michigan (cemetery 1952)
  19. Harold Jack Macomber’s family from Philip Macomber
  20. Pearl Bearden Johnson date of death from Joseph Johnson
  21. Pearl Bearden’s mother from Joseph Johnson
  22. Area expanded from FamilySearch data
  23. Joseph Thaxter draw knife photo from Arthur Gaffer
  24. Joseph Thaxter draw knife stamp from Arthur Gaffer
  25. James Madison Douthit memorial
  26. Madison Cemetery, Madison County, Alabama (cemetery 1953)
  27. Susan E. Douthit memorial
  28. Alice Douthit Scholze memorial
  29. Old Bethel Cemetery, Tishomingo County, Mississippi (cemetery 1954)
  30. Absalom Douthit memorial
  31. Jane Day Douthit memorial
  32. Jane’s parents
  33. Douthit Cemetery, Colbert County, Alabama (cemetery 1955)
  34. John Gordon Douthit memorial
  35. Jemoria Douthit
  36. John Gordon Douthit children
  37. Martha Douthit memorial
  38. Martha Douthit parents
  39. Martha Douthit children
  40. Riverton Cemetery, Colbert County, Alabama (cemetery 1956)
  41. Ambrose Harland memorial
  42. Richard Douthit merge and memorial
  43. Emma Harland Douthit memorial
  44. Troy Douthit memorial
  45. John Gordon Douthit baby memorial
  46. Herman Douthit baby memorial
  47. Roby Douthit memorial
  48. Roby Douthit wife’s memorial
  49. John Mack Douthit memorial
  50. Clyde Douthit info expanded and wife added
  51. Clyde Douthit memorial
  52. Creasy Douthit memorial
  53. John Counts
  54. Mary Counts
  55. Elizabeth Douthit Harland memorial
  56. Victor Douthit
  57. Half of James Madison Douthit children were still with double t’s at the end
  58. Some of the spouces of James Douthit’s children were marked living
  59. Mamie Lee Williams memorial
  60. Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery, Monroe County, Mississippi (cemetery 1957)
  61. Luther R. Williams memorial
  62. Mamie L. Douthit marriage record.
  63. James Douthit family in 1870
  64. James Douthit family in 1880
  65. Susan Douthit family in 1900
  66. Mamie Douthit children dates expanded and spouses
  67. Roke Williams family in 1900
  68. Luther Williams family in 1910
  69. Luther Williams family in 1920
  70. Luther Williams family in 1930
  71. Luther Williams family in 1940
  72. Looking for a connection between the Florida Garners and the rest of the tree
  73. Daniel Garner family
  74. Charles Garner family
  75. Andrew Whitney Garner family
  76. Daniel Garner marriage record
  77. Patti Westgate registration family
  78. Felicitis Curry photo from Patti
  79. Thomas Lockhart immigration from Jane Sawyer
  80. Thomas Lockhart family from port of entry data
  81. Thomas Lockhart memorial
  82. Hugh Lockhart memorial
  83. Hannah Jane memorial
  84. Mother Marietta family news
  85. Darb Darby death
  86. Alethia Ann Macomber from Sharon Lemkuil
  87. Nancy Jane Jacks and family added from Sharon Lemkuil
  88. Woodland Cemetery, Lawrence County, Ohio (cemetery 1958)
  89. Nancy Jacks Cooper memorial
  90. David G Cooper memorial
  91. Charles Cooper memorial
  92. Addison Cooper memorial
  93. Alexander W. Macomber family added
  94. Constant and Mary Macomber marriage date changed
  95. Otis Macomber family information expanded
  96. Ivin Jacks family
  97. To be continued.

December 2013 emails

This is the last of the really behind emails. Once this is done, I will only have the October 2014 emails to do and the whole backlog of years of emails will finally be closed! Now the question is: Can I keep ahead of the pile or will I lose traction and fall desperately behind again? I rather figure the later, but for now, I celebrate as we do these last ones!

  • Frank Douthitt family in 1900
  • Edward Douthitt family in 1900
  • Harbin Douthitt and wife Vivian moved from notes to individuals.
  • Mills G. Douthitt memorial
  • Oaklawn Cemetery, Independence County, Arkansas (cemetery 1944)
  • Carl Douthitt memorial
  • The Josephine Gardner family added
  • Carl H. Douthitt in World War I
  • Carl H. Douthitt in Death index
  • Carl Douthitt family in 1910
  • Carl Douthitt in 1920
  • Effie V. Padgett family
  • Carl and Mills Douthitt marriage record
  • Carl Douthitt family in 1930
  • Mills Douthitt Soc. Sec. record
  • Will & Mills Blair marriage record
  • Mills Douthitt family in 1940
  • John Gardner family in 1920
  • Effie V. Douthitt family in 1920
  • Harland P. Douthitt Soc. Sec. record
  • Carlisle Odd Fellows Cemetery, Sullivan County, Indiana (cemetery 1945)
  • Effie V. Douthitt memorial
  • John F. Douthitt memorial
  • Dora F. Douthitt memorial
  • Center Ridge Cemetery, Sullivan County, Indiana (cemetery 1946)
  • Effie I Douthitt memorial
  • Francis Marion Douthitt memorial and information about family
  • Anna Boatright Douthitt memorial
  • Paul Schuyler Douthitt memorial
  • St Joseph Cemetery, Franklin County, Ohio (cemetery 1947)
  • Thelma Hammack Douthitt memorial
  • James Edward Douthitt memorial
  • Rose Douthitt Bachtel memorial
  • Raymond Bachtel memorial
  • Thomas Edward Douthitt memorial
  • Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Vanderburgh County, Indiana (cemetery 1948)
  • Lucy Edith Douthitt Owens memorial
  • Alonzo Owens memorial
  • Beatrice Owens Whitaker memorial
  • Eleanor G. Douthit Harbaugh memorial
  • Ross F. Harbaugh memorial
  • Raymond E. Douthitt memorial
  • William T. Douthitt memorial
  • Ella Mayfield Douthitt memorial
  • Arista Douthitt memorial
  • Earl Douthitt memorial
  • George Elizie Douthitt memorial
  • Aimee Rogers Douthitt Cogswell memorial
  • John Elliot Douthitt corrections from his memorial
  • John Gardner family in 1920
  • Effie V Douthitt family in 1920
  • Cassius Padgett memorial
  • Martha Padgett memorial
  • Effie Douthitt family in 1930
  • Effie V. Douthitt family in 1940
  • Cassius Padgett family in 1900
  • Norman James life story
  • Project not complete!

November 7 progress report

This week we got bogged down in emails, I guess the fact that the end is in sight, was enough to let us slack off a bit. I began looking at other projects to take on, and am excited, but still have two more months of emails to clear and the third month is coming in fast. November is when things start to really pick up and on into December. The end of December is usually really intense, with people turning in their major projects before the Roman new year. Then the spring becomes impossible! Kind of funny, but it seems to be the pattern. If I don’t get these emails finished, I may not recover! Will see, but at least things don’t get bored or let up on this project!

Project Work

  • Nov 2013 emails
  • Dec 2013 emails

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: (54 emails ahead of weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: only 9, ouch!

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 12
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 0
  4. Photos added: 0
  5. Locations added: 13
  6. Individuals added: 58
  7. Sources: 2 (did several source merges)
  8. New members: 0

November 2013 emails

The long hard drive to clear emails is down to the last few from last year! Wow! Another dream has almost come true! We hope to have the endurance to push to clear these last few this week, so we can enter the next big endeavor.

  • Noah Benson family details from Judith Schlicker scans
  • Ebenezer Benson family details from Judith Schlicker scans
  • Japhet Turner parents and wife added
  • John Benson Jr family from Judith
  • John Benson Sr. family from Judith
  • Hannah Hatch’s parents and two other husbands from Judith
  • Moved Othniel Tripp (i129031) from being Othniel Tripp’s son to being his grandson through Stephen Tripp. Problem reported by Cathy Gray
  • Changed Othniel Tripp (i128767) death date, problem reported by Cathy Gray.

Oct 31 progress report

This week started with serious problems with the Legacy Family Tree Software, a piece of software I would love to throw away and never have to look at again! It is the most miserable mess I have had to deal with in several years (and that says a lot!! Not being able to run the data check on the family tree, makes me very nervous, but we will plow ahead and hope it does not become a problem. I have gotten very cautious lately about adding external trees, so that helps keep down a lot of hiccups too.

We have since fixed the problem and can run the data checking system, although it sure takes a long time to do it now!

Project Work

General Data fixes

While waiting the typical hour or so for Legacy Family Software to try to check and repair my data file, I took the time to do a project I did not expect to get to for at least another year. I do miss programming, so revised the Jewish Date system. I was able to update the code and remove the bugs and get it working! So the website may be confusing now to people, but it offers both the American and Jewish dates for each event that can be converted! Kinda Great! Now I can see in the Jewish calendar how things line up better! I’m a bit curious to see how our users will feel about it, but figure I’ll hear!

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 41 (64 emails ahead of weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 21

Quick Fixes

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 29
  2. Gravestones added: 1
  3. Faces added: 1
  4. Photos added: 1
  5. Locations added: 43
  6. Individuals added: 145
  7. Sources: 23
  8. New members: 0

December 2012 emails

Things must have been bad this month, since there is still a bunch of emails left. It’s about time to end this!

  1. Lewis Napoleon Barrow Jr dates added
  2. Myra Ella Barrow dates added
  3. Aaron B. Barrow dates added
  4. James L. Barrow dates added
  5. Nettie Lee Barrow grave
  6. Lewis Napoleon Barrow grave
  7. His father’s grave
  8. Myra Ella Barrow grave
  9. Charles Bates added
  10. Lewis Barrow family in 1940
  11. Louis Baxter Holder marriage date
  12. Holder home in 1993
  13. Many updates on living Greene family members! What a privilege!
  14. J. Howley connection to Paddocks
  15. Janice Chipman question regarding Anna Macomber Hoar parents.
  16. William Macomber birthdate
  17. Sarah Holloway marriage
  18. Many changes to accommodate problem
  19. Elizabeth Chapel Community Cemetery name and church corrected from Kittye Norris
  20. Esther Knight Paddock maiden name changed to Adams per Doug Tuck-Walker
  21. Dorothy Lola Pace birth date and location
  22. James Pace dates
  23. Fidelia Pace dates
  24. Frank and Alberta Pace children dates
  25. Ralph Nolan McClellan grave
  26. Ralph Nolan dad setup and links made
  27. Leland McClellan family in 1930
  28. C.A. Bostwick marriage certificate
  29. Leland McClellan marriage certificate
  30. Leland McClellan grave
  31. Dorothy McClellan grave
  32. Harry McClellan grave
  33. Laura McClellan memorial
  34. Laura McClellan grave
  35. Harry McClellan memorial
  36. Dorothy McClellan memorial
  37. Frank Pace family in 1940
  38. Cleve Schulyer grave
  39. Alta Schuyler grave
  40. Dorothy McClellan photo
  41. Eastern Cemetery, Cumberland County, Maine (cemetery 1941)
  42. Joseph Thaxter axe making by Arthur Gaffer
  43. Rod Barrett family to William Denison
  44. William Denison photo
  45. Emily Ann Mcclellan research by Mike McClellan
  46. Charles E. McClellan dates expanded
  47. John William McClellan birth expanded
  48. John William McClellan family in 1850
  49. John W. McClellan family in 1860
  50. Emily A. McClellan family in 1870
  51. Emily McClellan family in 1880
  52. Emily McClellan family in 1900
  53. John McClellan memorial and notes cleared
  54. Emily Ann McClellan memorial and notes cleared
  55. Charles McClellan memorial
  56. William McClellan Jr. memorial
  57. McClellan baby memorial
  58. Myra McClellan memorial
  59. Emily McClellan family in 1885
  60. Emily McClellan family in 1895
  61. C.S Wheaton family in 1875
  62. Charles Wheaton family events expanded as well as names
  63. Frank Hall family in 1900
  64. Francis Hall family in 1910
  65. Lorring Cilley family in 1870
  66. Laurin Cilley family in 1860
  67. William Cilly in 1885
  68. William Cilly in 1800
  69. Isaac Cilley family in 1860
  70. Isaac Cilly family in 1870
  71. William Cilley parents and siblings
  72. Isaac Cilley family
  73. Anna Morris family in 1910
  74. Rex Hall family in 1920
  75. Rex Hall family in 1930
  76. Rex Hall family in 1940
  77. Rex Hall in WWII registration
  78. Rex Hall in port of entry
  79. Harvey and Anne Morris marriage certificate
  80. Rex Hall death record
  81. Anne L. Hall death record

November 2012 emails

We had just a few tough emails left in this month to clear, and any hopes of rushing through them were dashed very quickly! But they are going down!

  1. Ephraim Grant Luce grave
  2. Thomas Benton Luce grave
  3. Mormon Pioneer Cemetery, Douglas County, Nebraska (cemetery 1934)
  4. Added Ephraim’s two other wives of his latter years
  5. Lydia Macomber Markham dates and grave
  6. Spanish Fork City Cemetery, Utah County, Utah (cemetery 1935)
  7. Oxford Cemetery, Franklin County, Idaho (cemetery 1936)
  8. Stephen Markham and his five wives
  9. Caroline Luce grave reference
  10. Mountain View Cemetery, Mohave County, Arizona (cemetery 1937)
  11. Hatch City Cemetery, Garfield County, Utah (cemetery 1938)
  12. Permelia Snyder Hatch grave
  13. Permeilia Snyder Hatch gravestone
  14. Snyderville Cemetery, Summitt County, Utah (cemetery 1939)
  15. Some very provocative comments from research done by Rick Johnson on John Peters Snyder and his brother and son.
  16. John Snyder family in 1880
  17. Bryan Mattison sent information on Bailey Riddle and family, interesting!
  18. Jonneta Selvidge sent information on Jesse James Basse
  19. Resthaven Cemetery, Osage County, Oklahoma (cemetery 1940)
  20. James Edward Basse grave
  21. Effie Irene Peachey Basse grave
  22. Hugh H. Basse grave
  23. Tressie Basse grave
  24. Earl Basse grave
  25. Jesse James Basse info and grave
  26. Louisa Belle Peachey grave
  27. Benjamin Peachey grave

October 24 progress report

There are yet three more weeks until the website is scheduled to be updated. This is just a progress report of what happened during this short week. The reason it is short, is because the Biblical month started on Monday, so the website was updated with a couple more days thrown in the previous week. This allowed me to come to a natural break on several projects and to start at a more natural point. Sure, it does not match up to conventional systems, but who set them up anyway? God set up the Calendar His true followers observe, and so we do as well. Things work out so much better on God’s schedule than some solar and Roman idol devised system!

But I rant, by giving my thoughts!

This week was a real surprise. I thought it would be a short week, with the website update on Monday, but instead it turned out to be a bonus week. We are now five weeks ahead of our old email clean out plan and actually got more cleared this short week than there are emails left. It has been such a long hard push to get here, I just pray I can finish the job soon and revel a bit in the happiness of another huge impossible accomplishment. After years of fighting with this problem, I cannot believe we are finally overcoming it!

So what is planned next? Well, I have several large notebooks of stuff on my computer waiting my attention and several ongoing projects I want to get back to dealing with. There are also several folders of photos awaiting my attention. We also hope to finally publish several volumes of family information so that people can buy their family information and not have to wade through many screens to find it and read it. In other words, although we got this far, there is still much to do!

But for now let’s celebrate! All the emails before Nov. 2012 have been cleared away! Wish I could lose my fat that triumphantly!

Project Work

  1. September 2014 emails
  2. October 2010 emails
  3. October 2013 emails
  4. November 2010 emails
  5. December 2010 emails
  6. December 2011 emails

Quick changes

  1. Fixed the broken media links for Reginald Cole and his Immigration event
  2. Fixed the broken media links of William Albert Rice and the 1930 census reference
  3. Fixed broken media link of Robert Elden Rice and the 1930 census reference
  4. Fixed broken media link in Anna B. Freiburghaus and the bad 1920 census reference for immigration
  5. Fixed broken media link in Louisa Hoffer and the bad 1900 census link for birth
  6. Children photos added from Elizabeth Bitzer sent in 2012
  7. Anna Rose Kelso grave record number added
  8. Thelma Rogers Pryor grave record added
  9. Susan Barbara Macomber grave records redone
  10. Leonard C. Macomber grave record redone
  11. James Morse incorrect memorial number fixed
  12. James Morse Junior miskeyed memorial number fixed
  13. Abby S. Morse miskeyed memorial fixed
  14. Hannah Morse miskeyed memorial fixed
  15. Charles Breese Morse memorial fixed
  16. Marcia I. Morse memorial fixed
  17. Amelia Morse memorial fixed
  18. Flora Norcross memorial fixed
  19. Wiliam F. Norcross memorial fixed
  20. Edgar Morse memorial fixed
  21. Removed about 17 unknown Bennett children
  22. Bud Jones family and life from Ruth Jones via Trudie Sheffield.
  23. Becky Sonnick Soule family connection and information
  24. Soule family info expanded a bit
  25. Note from Nelda on family in Dec 2011

General Data fixes

Janet Alvis reported not being able to comment on our blog system. This was news to me, and it turns out she was right. We immediately disabled our NUCaptcha system and replaced it with another system, and now things seem to be working again. Our apologies to those who had tried to comment and were not able to do so!

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 54 (61 emails ahead of weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 57

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 4
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 4
  4. Photos added: 5
  5. Locations added: 38
  6. Individuals added: 59
  7. Sources: 2
  8. New members: 1

December 2010 emails

  • Notes about Harvey and his surgery from Gloria Perryman
  • Memories about Nelda Griffiths wedding from Nelda
  • Rebuilt the wedding chronicles for Nelda Griffith breaking them up into different events and adding information about her first two apartments
  • Dr. Lawrence McGuire grave
  • McGuire Cemetery, Sabine County, Texas (cemetery 1932)
  • Margaret Tolan McGuire grave and dates
  • Harvey Cemetery, Sabine County, Texas (cemetery 1933)
  • Jesse Thomas Scruggs added
  • Mary Ann Scruggs added
  • Arabelle Harvey dates and possible grave
  • Will McGuire email about Laurence McGuire and his career.
  • Lawrence McGuire family in 1820 as mentioned by Will
  • Many facts from Will McGuire for the two Lawrence McGuires.
  • Info from McLemoreStrong website
  • Notes on self and family from Nelda Griffiths
  • This closes up all of 2010!