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Latest General Updates

November 2012 emails

We had just a few tough emails left in this month to clear, and any hopes of rushing through them were dashed very quickly! But they are going down!

  1. Ephraim Grant Luce grave
  2. Thomas Benton Luce grave
  3. Mormon Pioneer Cemetery, Douglas County, Nebraska (cemetery 1934)
  4. Added Ephraim’s two other wives of his latter years
  5. Lydia Macomber Markham dates and grave
  6. Spanish Fork City Cemetery, Utah County, Utah (cemetery 1935)
  7. Oxford Cemetery, Franklin County, Idaho (cemetery 1936)
  8. Stephen Markham and his five wives
  9. Caroline Luce grave reference
  10. Mountain View Cemetery, Mohave County, Arizona (cemetery 1937)
  11. Hatch City Cemetery, Garfield County, Utah (cemetery 1938)
  12. Permelia Snyder Hatch grave
  13. Permeilia Snyder Hatch gravestone
  14. Snyderville Cemetery, Summitt County, Utah (cemetery 1939)
  15. Some very provocative comments from research done by Rick Johnson on John Peters Snyder and his brother and son.
  16. John Snyder family in 1880
  17. Bryan Mattison sent information on Bailey Riddle and family, interesting!
  18. Jonneta Selvidge sent information on Jesse James Basse
  19. Resthaven Cemetery, Osage County, Oklahoma (cemetery 1940)
  20. James Edward Basse grave
  21. Effie Irene Peachey Basse grave
  22. Hugh H. Basse grave
  23. Tressie Basse grave
  24. Earl Basse grave
  25. Jesse James Basse info and grave
  26. Louisa Belle Peachey grave
  27. Benjamin Peachey grave

October 24 progress report

There are yet three more weeks until the website is scheduled to be updated. This is just a progress report of what happened during this short week. The reason it is short, is because the Biblical month started on Monday, so the website was updated with a couple more days thrown in the previous week. This allowed me to come to a natural break on several projects and to start at a more natural point. Sure, it does not match up to conventional systems, but who set them up anyway? God set up the Calendar His true followers observe, and so we do as well. Things work out so much better on God’s schedule than some solar and Roman idol devised system!

But I rant, by giving my thoughts!

This week was a real surprise. I thought it would be a short week, with the website update on Monday, but instead it turned out to be a bonus week. We are now five weeks ahead of our old email clean out plan and actually got more cleared this short week than there are emails left. It has been such a long hard push to get here, I just pray I can finish the job soon and revel a bit in the happiness of another huge impossible accomplishment. After years of fighting with this problem, I cannot believe we are finally overcoming it!

So what is planned next? Well, I have several large notebooks of stuff on my computer waiting my attention and several ongoing projects I want to get back to dealing with. There are also several folders of photos awaiting my attention. We also hope to finally publish several volumes of family information so that people can buy their family information and not have to wade through many screens to find it and read it. In other words, although we got this far, there is still much to do!

But for now let’s celebrate! All the emails before Nov. 2012 have been cleared away! Wish I could lose my fat that triumphantly!

Project Work

  1. September 2014 emails
  2. October 2010 emails
  3. October 2013 emails
  4. November 2010 emails
  5. December 2010 emails
  6. December 2011 emails

Quick changes

  1. Fixed the broken media links for Reginald Cole and his Immigration event
  2. Fixed the broken media links of William Albert Rice and the 1930 census reference
  3. Fixed broken media link of Robert Elden Rice and the 1930 census reference
  4. Fixed broken media link in Anna B. Freiburghaus and the bad 1920 census reference for immigration
  5. Fixed broken media link in Louisa Hoffer and the bad 1900 census link for birth
  6. Children photos added from Elizabeth Bitzer sent in 2012
  7. Anna Rose Kelso grave record number added
  8. Thelma Rogers Pryor grave record added
  9. Susan Barbara Macomber grave records redone
  10. Leonard C. Macomber grave record redone
  11. James Morse incorrect memorial number fixed
  12. James Morse Junior miskeyed memorial number fixed
  13. Abby S. Morse miskeyed memorial fixed
  14. Hannah Morse miskeyed memorial fixed
  15. Charles Breese Morse memorial fixed
  16. Marcia I. Morse memorial fixed
  17. Amelia Morse memorial fixed
  18. Flora Norcross memorial fixed
  19. Wiliam F. Norcross memorial fixed
  20. Edgar Morse memorial fixed
  21. Removed about 17 unknown Bennett children
  22. Bud Jones family and life from Ruth Jones via Trudie Sheffield.
  23. Becky Sonnick Soule family connection and information
  24. Soule family info expanded a bit
  25. Note from Nelda on family in Dec 2011

General Data fixes

Janet Alvis reported not being able to comment on our blog system. This was news to me, and it turns out she was right. We immediately disabled our NUCaptcha system and replaced it with another system, and now things seem to be working again. Our apologies to those who had tried to comment and were not able to do so!

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 54 (61 emails ahead of weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 57

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 4
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 4
  4. Photos added: 5
  5. Locations added: 38
  6. Individuals added: 59
  7. Sources: 2
  8. New members: 1

December 2010 emails

  • Notes about Harvey and his surgery from Gloria Perryman
  • Memories about Nelda Griffiths wedding from Nelda
  • Rebuilt the wedding chronicles for Nelda Griffith breaking them up into different events and adding information about her first two apartments
  • Dr. Lawrence McGuire grave
  • McGuire Cemetery, Sabine County, Texas (cemetery 1932)
  • Margaret Tolan McGuire grave and dates
  • Harvey Cemetery, Sabine County, Texas (cemetery 1933)
  • Jesse Thomas Scruggs added
  • Mary Ann Scruggs added
  • Arabelle Harvey dates and possible grave
  • Will McGuire email about Laurence McGuire and his career.
  • Lawrence McGuire family in 1820 as mentioned by Will
  • Many facts from Will McGuire for the two Lawrence McGuires.
  • Info from McLemoreStrong website
  • Notes on self and family from Nelda Griffiths
  • This closes up all of 2010!



October 2013 emails

There were not many left after a year of chipping at them, but our goal is to get them all cleared, so here goes!

  • Bina Douthit added from Theresa Douthit
  • Evan Douthit exit story from Theresa Douthit
  • Hickory Grove Cemetery, Logan County, Arkansas (cemetery 1932)
  • Shared Baylus Powell 1900 residence event with Balis and appropriate family and deleted passed events including one to Barney Douthit
  • 1880 census for James Powell family
  • James Powell marriage in index corrected
  • 1860 census for James Powell family
  • Merged Barney Douthit file with full Douthit tree through Evan Douthit.
  • Deleted Barney Douthit file from Ancestry
  • Notes on Evan Douthit separation and Katherine residence clue from Teresa
  • Frank Farndell birth changed per Susan Farndell suggestion
  • Frank Farndell Soc. Sec. index
  • Frank Farndell in California death index
  • Frank Farndell parents added and cleanup of sources, notes, etc.

October 2010 emails

There were not very many left of these October 2010 emails, but what was there needed some serious consideration and checking! Hopefully this will not take too long!

  • Most of Claire Sass DeBauche email was handled, just a couple notes were added here and there to Fred Sass and his daughter.
  • Find A Grave memorial added to Dorothea Sass since mentioned by Claire
  • Notes on Nelda Griffith and travel
  • Corley family pushed back into early Virginia settlers hoping to make a connection to a published Corley record, but attempt was in vain.
  • That was not as bad as I expected. Most of the emails had been handled, just needed to be double checked before archiving. Job done!

Sept 2014 Emails

To start with we found Levi Morrill who had 14 children lived in reverse of 18 days! This must have been a remarkable thing to be born on the 18th of a month and then die on the 1st of the same month! We realized we would have our work cut out on this batch!

  1. Levi Morrill dates corrected
  2. Brownville Villiage Cemetery address rebuilt
  3. Evelin Morrill page cleaned up
  4. Sarah Smith Morrill page cleaned up
  5. Shephard David Morrill was another one that had only lived a day but had two wives! Amazing guy, until now… Dates fixed
  6. Nancy Maria Morrill grave
  7. Peter Morrill dates fixed and grave added
  8. Mercy Hall Morrill dates fixed and grave added
  9. John Wilcox and Mary Barber section expanded based on Ken Roberts’ family group sheets
  10. Albert Himmelsbach Darrow military service from Liz Jenkins
  11. Albert Darrow family group sheet from Liz Jenkins
  12. Capt. Albert Darrow photo from Liz Jenkins
  13. Jessie Darrow immigration fix from Liz Jenkens
  14. Jessie Darrow education from Liz Jenkens
  15. The two Silas Rich’s and Laura’s were merged so Virginia Rich would have one set of adoptive parents.
  16. Virginia’s birth year and husband’s last names added from Liz Jenkens
  17. Isadore Schiel birth date added from Liz Jenkins
  18. Patricia and Robert Schiel dates and updates from Liz Jenkins
  19. Eileen Darrow first husband and children from Liz Jenkins
  20. Eileen Darrow grave from Liz Jenkins
  21. George Darrow children from Liz Jenkins
  22. Portrait of Jessie Alice Edwards Darrow from Liz Jenkins
  23. Photo of Jakob Himmelsbach and Anna Stumpf from Liz Jenkins
  24. Al Himmelsback and family photo from Liz Jenkins
  25. Milo Sebastian family news
  26. Janet Alvis pointed out that comments were not being allowed in our blog, issue fixed hopefully!

October 20, 2014 update

Again, as we conquer the email backlog problem, it remains the top priority of the year. We have made substantial gains even with all the problems that have come this year! So even as the end seems to be coming into focus, we press on to reach the goal!

With the down time from the last bout with pneumonia, we are pressing forward has hard as we can, in hopes I will be able to get around a bit in the workshop some day soon, and will not have as much time to do family tree stuff.

We had a fall in our scooter on Monday. It was a nicer kind of fall, if any falls are nice. The scooter fell backward as I tried to go up the ramp to the house after a little spin around the neighborhood with my daughter, Deborah and Cindy. Deborah wanted me to get out while it was such a nice day and get some fresh air. I was very grateful. Fortunately, there was a man that stopped by and my two boys were home, so they were able to help me get up off the ground again. But the fall meant I am now down for the week mending again! All the better for this project!

Project Work

Website Upgrade

Not many modifications to the website software excite me anymore, but we just added one that did! It is a modification that hunts through all our FindAGrave and BillionGrave footnotes and digs out the information for it to check to see if it can produce an actual link to add to the webpage of every person! It is an amazing thing to watch it do its work and save me all that time coding in these things! It found 1480 of these links! Our hats are off to the folks that designed this and made it freely available to us!

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 106 (19 emails AHEAD of weekly goals). I have not been ahead of the targets for seven months!
  2. Emails cleared: 40

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 20
  2. Gravestones added: 2
  3. Faces added: 1
  4. Photos added: 5
  5. Locations added: 25
  6. Individuals added: 31
  7. Sources: 24
  8. New members: 1

September 2014 emails

We won’t have time to hit many of these emails this week, but we were anxious to get a start on them!

  • Anna Winters (i165791) grave from Marissa Thomas
  • Mt. Olive Church Cemetery, Johnson County, Georgia (cemetery 1929)
  • Riley Jackson added as husband
  • Williard and Charlotte Janes gravestone from Kylee Janes
  • Notes on Melvin and Larry’s names from Larry Macomber
  • Sarah Wickham death certificate from Cherie in OC
  • Sarah Wickham Rogers grave from Cherie in OC
  • Webster Rogers from FindaGrave
  • William Wirt Wickham grave
  • Serviah Wickham Benton grave, dates and husband
  • Hannah P. Spooner death record from
  • Rousevell Cemetery, Bristol County, Massachusetts (cemetery 1930)
  • Warren Spooner grave
  • Charles changed to Charlina Spooner and grave
  • Warren and Hannah Spooner marriage record
  • Catherine Beaver changed to Catherine Relyea and her parent’s names added from
    Regina Hoffman Fillinger. Important correction!

September 2013 emails

There are still 19 emails to handle from a year ago. We hope to take care of these this week. We also hope to squeeze in the emails from last month this week as well! But we will have to see how God enables and how industrious we become!

  1. Oscar Philip Tripp (i127093) family photo from Carol Winckler
  2. Removed bad pedigree link to Anne Bird (i38978) from Tom Macomber
  3. Checked to see if breaking link orphaned a group from the larger tree, there was no damage!
  4. Robert Napoleon Douthit wife and daughters from Wahnema Ruth Coburn
  5. John Franklin Burgess children dates and spouses added
  6. Susan Burgess gravestone from Angela Carnes
  7. Six and Twenty Baptist Church Cemetery, Anderson County, South Carolina (reconstituted cemetery 896)
  8. John Franklin Burgess dates corrected and cemetery added
  9. Eugene Burgess info
  10. Old Saint Raymonds Cemetery, Bronx County, New York (rebuilt cemetery 532)
  11. Carrie Kline grave
  12. Mattie Kline grave
  13. Minnie Kline grave
  14. Saint George Cemetery redone to be the newer name St. John Vianney Cemetery (cemetery 523)
  15. Friedrich Wurzburg family in 1880
  16. Fredrick Wurzburg family in 1870
  17. Fred Wurzburg family in 1900
  18. Charles Kline family in 1900
  19. Charles Kline family in 1910
  20. Charles Kline family in 1920
  21. Charles Kline family in 1930
  22. Charles Kline in 1880
  23. Michael Kline family in 1880
  24. Michael Kline family in 1870
  25. Michael Kline family in 1860
  26. Michael Kline Jr grave
  27. Oak Hill Cemetery, Rockland County, New York (cemetery 1928)
  28. Michael Kline Jr wife
  29. Michael Klein family in 1875
  30. Charles Kline death certificate
  31. Reversed headshot photos of Louis Morris Schunke and his brother William Lawrence Schunke from Marilyn Schunke’s sharp eyes!
  32. Gustav and William Schunke passenger list from immigration to US
  33. Gustav Schunke autobiography from Marilyn Schunke
  34. Portrait photo of Gustav from article sent by Marilyn Schunke
  35. Photo of Bethany’s Mens’ Chorus from article sent by Marilyn
  36. Photo of Pacific Conference of ministers from article sent by Marilyn
  37. Photo of Gustav and his second wife from article sent by Marlyn


October 10 Progress report

Tough week! I fell early in the week, so was in horrible pain and even more pain killing drugs for much of this part, but did make some serious headway! Glad the week is closing, and am looking forward to better days soon!

Project Work

General Data fixes

  1. Added email responder so any emailing me get notified that the email was received.
  2. Removed hundreds of empty marriages. If you own Legacy Family Software, you have to also own Microsoft Access, so the cost is much more than it first looks like!
  3. Cleaned up after a huge failure of Legacy Family Tree to merge a file and instead created 100’s of bogus marriages. There may be some left, so I must be on the watch again. This is not the first time this has happened. I did think they had fixed the previous problem, but maybe not! I hate buggy software.

Email Situation

  1. Emails needing attention: 138 (just 3 emails behind on weekly goals).
  2. Emails cleared: 36

Data Stats

  1. Documents added: 1
  2. Gravestones added: 0
  3. Faces added: 0
  4. Photos added: 5
  5. Locations added: 114
  6. Individuals added: 1061
  7. Sources: 3
  8. New members: 0