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Latest Website Updates and Family News

Graphic Files all broken

Howdy all! There was a fatality in the process of moving to a new website. Something went wrong and we had to remove all the images and their links from the new setup, since they were duplicated! So now we have to go through each of the over 1700 files and tell them what category they belong to, what album they go to, and where their thumbnails are, and whether or not they are the default image for each person.

In short, this is going to take many hours of work to restore, so they will be appearing as we have time to sift through the huge pile. I do hope for this reason alone that we will not have to move again very soon. This job is huge and follows many hours of trying to move things. So in the meanwhile, please be patient! You can certainly point things out and those items will be handled with a priority over the general list.

So what does this mean? It means work on other aspects of the family tree has to take a back seat till this project is restored. I will be so glad when I can sit back and know that there is a family line that is completely done and current and only needs to be looked at to add current events or recovered photos and information.

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Website Directories

We have added the update blogs to each directory page! Now instead of having to go to the special blog setup, you can see the updates in each Family Directory page! Enjoy!

We also made a special date graphic for the setup to add a little spice to the pages.

I did not realize there were so many directory pages! We still have a few more to turn back on, but we certainly have more than I expected! I also did not realize that so much gets done. Seeing the news on some families I did not think I had worked on for a while was surprising. I really like this new setup! Hope you like it too.

As I installed this, I updated the code on the pages and made some other changes. Now that I have a news section with each directory page, I will work on making the headings more appropriate and the links also become more valuable. So that is the plan now, to include more links to the people that get updates!

Oh, and another change, we dropped the â??Updatesâ? button from the main menu, since it is not important anymore!

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Neighmond Family updates

Even though the 1900 census was entered for Peter Neighmond and his family, we updated the work and made the census scan visible online. We also added the employment information and pinpointed the location of their rented house. This update affects the following:

  1. Peter Neighmond (I98)
  2. John Neighmond (I99)
  3. Margaret Neighmond (I100)
  4. Joseph Cornelius Neighmond (I88)

We did the same with the 1910 census. It is updated on the following:

  1. Peter Neighmond (I98)
  2. Margaret Neighmond (I100)
  3. Joseph Cornelius Neighmond (I88)

Next was an attempt to update Angeline (Levalley) (Dales) Gaines (I683). We did not find the hoped for census sheets, but we did find a GEDCom that had her second husband and some more dates and locations to add to her and her husbands. With those additions, we were able to find her on a 1880 census sheet in Indiana!

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Neighmond Family directory opened

With all the new work added to the Neighmond family, it is time to give them their own family directory page. Right now the family is mostly a bunch of names and some birth dates, and so we hope it will be expanding to contain much more! If you can help us, let us know!

But for now, enjoy the new family directory and home!

The Neighmond family directory.

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Peter Neighmond

The big push this week was in getting the Peter Neighmond line typed out and entered. What a job! We believe we crossed back into Holland with this family tree and thanks to the work of Don Martin, we are able to list the relevant work he did. It does not have his sources listed, so we hope we can somehow verify his work and also expand it. This work added about 239 names! One thing that made the work easier was the fact the family pretty much was centered around one town, so the various family names intersect several times. To see this new data, start with this link: Peter and Margaret Neighmond.

We also did a bit of expansion on the family, by adding census records and other family names of those living today. So, all in all, this family was expanded in several ways this week! There are still some black holes in the data that we hope to be able to resolve in the upcoming days. We also have no photos or information that tells us who these people were, what they did, and of what religion they were, etc. If you can help us in any way, please do so!

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