Tennessee, United States



Latitude: 35.8429794, Longitude: -86.3433686


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annie  1873Tennessee, United States I51049
2 Arty  1808Tennessee, United States I97007
3 Carolina  Abt 1838Tennessee, United States I181481
4 Casandra  Abt 1825Tennessee, United States I181689
5 Catherine  Tennessee, United States I157253
6 Josie I.  May 1877Tennessee, United States I1118
7 Leony  Abt 1848Tennessee, United States I52427
8 Margaret A.  Dec 1852Tennessee, United States I174072
9 Martha  1817Tennessee, United States I137927
10 Mary  Tennessee, United States I126943
11 Mary  1812Tennessee, United States I35715
12 Mary A.  Abt 1847Tennessee, United States I72804
13 Rebecca  Abt 1808Tennessee, United States I49533
14 Sarah J.  Mar 1857Tennessee, United States I174079
15 Abel, Burford Franklin  Mon, Jul 26, 1897Tennessee, United States I5182
16 Abel, Franklin Rogers  Sat, Sep 23, 1922Tennessee, United States I22108
17 Abel, Mary Hill  Fri, Jul 22, 1921Tennessee, United States I22086
18 Adcock, Martha A.  Abt 1852Tennessee, United States I1364
19 Adcock, William J.  1846Tennessee, United States I1335
20 Agnew, Sarah  1813Tennessee, United States I181280
21 Anderson, Rachel  1805Tennessee, United States I174026
22 Anglin, Henry B.  1804Tennessee, United States I9051
23 Anglin, James William  1811Tennessee, United States I7521
24 Anglin, Job S.  1817Tennessee, United States I9053
25 Arbuckle, Sarah  Abt 1810Tennessee, United States I9054
26 Archa, Martha  Tue, Aug 29, 1815Tennessee, United States I1170
27 Atkinson, Alvin C.  Wed, Feb 17, 1836Tennessee, United States I91806
28 Atkinson, Benjamin F.  1843Tennessee, United States I91808
29 Atkinson, Catherine  Sun, Jan 2, 1831Tennessee, United States I91804
30 Atkinson, James  Fri, Dec 7, 1832Tennessee, United States I91805
31 Atkinson, Robert M.  1840Tennessee, United States I91807
32 Atkinson, Samuel  Wed, Jul 11, 1827Tennessee, United States I91803
33 Atkinson, William Leroy  1799Tennessee, United States I91801
34 Atkinson, William Pharaoh  Tue, Dec 3, 1822Tennessee, United States I91802
35 Baker, William L.  Mon, Oct 20, 1856Tennessee, United States I158741
36 Ballew, Mary Marama  Abt 1891Tennessee, United States I193752
37 Beard, A. W.  1862Tennessee, United States I55667
38 Beard, Alexander Crawford  Tue, Jun 15, 1886Tennessee, United States I55725
39 Beard, John  Fri, Feb 14, 1879Tennessee, United States I55672
40 Beard, John Alvie  Sat, Nov 3, 1888Tennessee, United States I55670
41 Beard, Martha A.  1865Tennessee, United States I55668
42 Beard, Mary Jones  Fri, Mar 3, 1876Tennessee, United States I55814
43 Beard, Mary Lou  Thu, Feb 11, 1897Tennessee, United States I55662
44 Beard, Sarah Matilda  Sat, Sep 13, 1890Tennessee, United States I55641
45 Beard, Tommie Floyd  Fri, May 31, 1895Tennessee, United States I55727
46 Beaty, Mary Polly  Sun, May 24, 1807Tennessee, United States I9218
47 Beazeley, Lucinda Grant  Fri, Apr 10, 1818Tennessee, United States I156000
48 Biggs, Mary  Dec 1846Tennessee, United States I50198
49 Birdwell, William  Mon, Feb 15, 1808Tennessee, United States I62353
50 Blythe, Elmira Rice  1820Tennessee, United States I179227

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anglin, James William  Thu, Nov 4, 1858Tennessee, United States I7521
2 Bates, Joseph  1849Tennessee, United States I87996
3 Bollinger, Jane  Abt 1855Tennessee, United States I161642
4 Boothe, Lewis  1855Tennessee, United States I2057
5 Box, W. J.  1850Tennessee, United States I121208
6 Brasier, Wiley J.  1876Tennessee, United States I5563
7 Cobb, Joseph  Tennessee, United States I91729
8 Cobb, Pharoah  Abt 1790Tennessee, United States I91595
9 Cobb, William  Bef 1805Tennessee, United States I52345
10 Derrick, Maria Magdelena  Bef 1819Tennessee, United States I157258
11 Douthit, Elizabeth  Abt 1872Tennessee, United States I5559
12 Douthit, Jonathan  Mon, Nov 2, 1857Tennessee, United States I2657
13 Fields, Gabriel William  1820Tennessee, United States I190315
14 Green, Nancy  1807Tennessee, United States I7831
15 Hanson, William A.  Tennessee, United States I69960
16 Laney, Mary  Abt 1840Tennessee, United States I37650
17 Lay, Leonard  Fri, Apr 7, 1865Tennessee, United States I35585
18 Longbottom, Phebe Isabelle  Mon, Sep 20, 1948Tennessee, United States I52186
19 Massengill  1820Tennessee, United States I94170
20 Massengill  Sun, Jan 10, 1830Tennessee, United States I94171
21 Massengill, Susan S.  1835Tennessee, United States I94159
22 McCarroll, Albert  Fri, Mar 5, 1926Tennessee, United States I52191
23 Morgan, Jane  Tennessee, United States I56584
24 Morgan, John Lewis  1827Tennessee, United States I193958
25 Morgan, Mary  Fri, Nov 16, 1883Tennessee, United States I56430
26 Morgan, Sarah  1863Tennessee, United States I56432
27 Morgan, Thomas  Tennessee, United States I56431
28 Owen, James S.  1844Tennessee, United States I157328
29 Poteet, Barnett Asbury  Sat, Aug 11, 1906Tennessee, United States I165954
30 Savelle, Edwin Norman  Thu, Sep 15, 1955Tennessee, United States I178629
31 Tobie, Mary Elizabeth  Tennessee, United States I91594
32 Todd, Martha  Aft 1837Tennessee, United States I91610
33 Wann, William  Abt 1820Tennessee, United States I1160
34 Wear, Eliza  1840Tennessee, United States I96934


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cobb, Joseph  Tennessee, United States I91729
2 Cobb, Louisa Buckingham  Tennessee, United States I94161
3 Cobb, Pharoah  Tennessee, United States I91595
4 Tobie, Mary Elizabeth  Tennessee, United States I91594


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abel, Franklin Rogers  Sun, Sep 23, 1923Tennessee, United States I22108
2 Douthit, Benjamin Ware  Wed, Dec 14, 1814Tennessee, United States I2662
3 Douthit, Irena  Tennessee, United States I186345
4 Douthit, James  Tennessee, United States I2661
5 Nelson, Henry  1788Tennessee, United States I37634
6 Nelson, Henry W.  Tue, Dec 13, 1836Tennessee, United States I37631
7 Waddill, Mary Kitty  1841Tennessee, United States I36195
8 Wiley, James  Tennessee, United States I61783


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Employment    Person ID 
1 Cummins, John Taylor  Tennessee, United States I5179


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Politics    Person ID 
1 Rogers, Walter B.  1915Tennessee, United States I5185
2 Rogers, Walter B.  1916Tennessee, United States I5185
3 Rogers, Walter B.  1916Tennessee, United States I5185


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bryson, Calvin Luther  Sat, Jun 26, 1937Tennessee, United States I11551


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Patterson  Abt 1771Tennessee, United States F19172
2 Cobb / Chesnutt  Sat, Sep 29, 1849Tennessee, United States F75739
3 Cobb / Cobb  Bef 1798Tennessee, United States F75614
4 Cobb / Todd  Sun, Jan 26, 1817Tennessee, United States F75615
5 Douthit / Shastine  Abt 1827Tennessee, United States F876
6 Dulaney / Massengill  Thu, Sep 17, 1846Tennessee, United States F76501
7 Elrod / Lipps  Sun, Nov 12, 1899Tennessee, United States F103762
8 Gibbons / Wann  Abt 1850Tennessee, United States F401
9 Goodman / Massengill  Abt 1871Tennessee, United States F76509
10 Hendricks / Dorris  Thu, May 31, 1827Tennessee, United States F80951
11 Hooyer / Paddock  1890Tennessee, United States F70404
12 King / Massengill  Tue, Nov 5, 1839Tennessee, United States F75925
13 Lay /   1865Tennessee, United States F18084
14 Longbottom / Brown  1857Tennessee, United States F18646
15 Massengill / Chisholm  Tennessee, United States F76423
16 Massengill / McCorkle  1814Tennessee, United States F75629
17 Massengill / Nicholson  Thu, Sep 30, 1841Tennessee, United States F76425
18 Massengill / Scott  Abt 1837Tennessee, United States F75747
19 Massengill / Seneker  Abt 1883Tennessee, United States F76508
20 Massengill / Stone  Tennessee, United States F75632
21 Massengill / Webb  Abt 1837Tennessee, United States F75634
22 Massengill / Webb  1840Tennessee, United States F75748
23 Morgan / Gothard  1815Tennessee, United States F113490
24 Porter / Massengill  1796Tennessee, United States F75635
25 Rollins / Carter  1841Tennessee, United States F3202
26 Savell /   1807Tennessee, United States F106377
27 Tipton / Massengill  Thu, Apr 12, 1838Tennessee, United States F76499
28 Trammell / Bollinger  Abt 1844Tennessee, United States F101083
29 Wilson / Beazeley  Tue, Apr 26, 1836Tennessee, United States F99175